KB Bukopin prepares products and services according to customer needs

We believe that the services we have prepared can have added value in terms of optimal service to customers….

Jakarta (Armfalcon.com) – PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk. (BBKP) prepares customer-oriented products and services by adjusting the needs of each demographic layer of society in the digitalization era.

“We believe that the services we have prepared can have added value in terms of optimal service to customers coupled with cost efficiency and effectiveness and the required human resources,” said KB Bukopin Main Deputy Director Robby Mondong in a statement in Jakarta, Friday.

KB Bukopin, according to Robby, always innovates in responding to industry challenges and developments in information technology. Currently the company is focusing on initiating the information technology infrastructure development project SHINE Project which has the tagline “change everything”.

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Broadly speaking, the project is a step in transforming the information technology system with one focus on providing banking services and facilities that make it easier for the public to reach the products and services that KB Bukopin has.

Robby explained, this step was one of the company’s efforts to adapt to changes in people’s habits in conducting banking activities today as well as implementing the concept of “banking everywhere”.

KB Bukopin believes that the product and service innovations that are currently being prepared can answer all customer needs so that KB Bukopin can become one of the main choices for service providers and banking solutions for the community.

KB Bukopin’s Business Retail & Service Director, Helmi Fahrudin said, the company also believes that efforts to optimize the distribution of office networks can be channeled into other forms through the development of product and service technologies that can answer all customer needs for changes in transactional behavior.

It was explained, the SHINE Project will go through several phases that will run for the next year and a half.

After the entire series of information technology systems has been developed, the company will design and prepare several superior product lines and services to meet the banking transaction needs of the Indonesian people.

The SHINE Project has a mission to become a One Stop Banking Solution, which makes financial services and solutions integrated and very easy for customers to reach.

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Apart from that, the development of this project also pays great attention to Customer-Centric to produce products and services that can be accepted by all demographics of our customers.

“We believe that services that are integrated and easy to reach by the public can make us the first choice for service providers and customer banking solutions,” said Helmi.

Currently, the digitalization era has developed in such a way with the presence of non-bank platforms and services that make it easier for people to do their financial activities. In this phenomenon, the operational network becomes less relevant because service providers can always provide optimal service through innovation and customers can immediately enjoy it.

Data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2015 there were 32,953 office networks. But in June 2022 the number changed to 25,641 office networks. This indicates a massive optimization of service and office networks in the banking industry, with a decrease in office networks of 22.19 percent in 7 years.

Reporter: Ahmad Buchori
Editor: Nusarina Yuliastuti

source: www.antaranews.com

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