Jumbo Cuan, This Equity Mutual Fund Gives You 100% More Cash

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – If in three years there are Islamic stock mutual funds that can make profits of up to 97%, conventional stock mutual funds can outperform them. One stock mutual fund was even able to generate profits of up to 149% in three years.

In essence, the contents of the stock mutual fund portfolio are of course dominated by stocks on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, a small portion is in money market instruments. What distinguishes conventional and Islamic stock mutual funds are the shares.

There is no obligation for conventional equity funds to place sharia instruments, be it sharia shares, sukuk, sharia deposits, and so on.

The following is a list of Islamic stock mutual funds with the highest returns for the past three years, from trusted investment managers, summarized by Armfalcon.com Research.

3 year mutual fund investment, is it effective?

Talking about investment timeframes, there are not a few stock mutual funds that can provide fantastic returns within three years.

But be aware that three years is a medium-term investment tenor.

Equity mutual funds are formed by investment managers to create a portfolio with returns that can beat the reference index, in this case the Jakarta Composite Index (IHSG), as well as other indexes on the IDX.

It would be even better if we chose this instrument for the long term, namely five years.

Stock mutual funds can certainly be used to help you collect retirement funds or other long-term needs.

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