Judge Expensive Footballers, But Why Don’t Have Money?

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – French football club star Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) Achraf Hakimi made a public splash after the news of his ex-wife, Hiba Abouk, filed for divorce but failed to receive any wealth. This is because Hakimi does not have any assets at all.

Hiba Abouk sued the Moroccan national team player after Hakimi was involved in a rape case some time ago.

Surprisingly, Abouk, who asked for half of Hakimi’s assets as arbitrary assets, had to accept the harsh reality. The court immediately informed Abouk that all of the Paris-Saint Germain defender’s property was registered in his mother’s name.

According to media estimates, Hakimi has a net worth of US$70 million or around Rp1.04 trillion. That is what makes Hakimi the sixth highest-paid player in Africa.

However, after being traced, Hakimi only kept 20% of his total wealth, because 80% of it turned out to be given to his mother.

He also does not appear to have any property, cars or jewelery registered to his name.

Earlier, French court prosecutors said in March that Hakimi, now 24, had been charged with rape after being questioned by investigators.

Following the news that Hakimi was placed under the supervision of the judiciary, Abouk, who was on holiday in Dubai with her two children, reportedly decided to separate from her husband. Hakimi and Abouk married in February 2020.

Hakimi’s lawyer, Fanny Colin, said his client’s being placed under surveillance was a “mandatory step for anyone accused of rape”, and would allow the footballer to defend himself.


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