joss! World Gold is Sinking, Pawnshop Gold Prices Remain Mighty

Jakarta, – The price of gold bullion at PT Pegadaian shot up in trading today, Thursday (11/5/2023).

The selling price of gold at Pegadaian strengthened when the world gold price slumped 0.23% to US$2,029.51 per troy ounce at the close of trading on Wednesday (10/5/2023).

The price of gold fell after the announcement of US inflation which reached 4.9% (year on year/yoy) in April, lower than economists’ expectations of 5% also from March 2023 which was recorded at 5%.

However, inflation actually increased when viewed from the previous month or incrementallymonth to month(mtm). Inflation in April was recorded at 0.4% (mtm), much higher than March (0.1%).

Oanda senior market analyst, Ed Moya said that going forward inflation will continue to decline, but to reach 2% will be quite difficult.

“Inflation should continue to decline in the next few months, but to reach another 2% will be quite difficult given the strong labor market,” said Moya as reported by Antara.CNBC InternationalWednesday (11/5/2023).

Pegadaian itself sells various types of gold, namely Antam gold, Antam Retro, Antam Batik, and UBS. Various sizes are sold, ranging from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams.

In today’s trading, the price of 1 gram of Antam’s gold remains priced at IDR 1,099,000, an increase of IDR 9,000 from yesterday’s position. This means that Antam’s gold price has increased by IDR 13,000/gram in two days.

This gold is available from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams.

Meanwhile, 1 gram of Antam Retro gold is valued at IDR 1,069,000, an increase of IDR 6,000 compared to yesterday’s position. In three days, Antam Retro’s gold price has increased by IDR 16,000.

Antam Retro Gold is old packaged gold where the gold coins and the certificate are separate. Antam Retro Gold was last produced in 2018, and is available from 0.5 grams to 100 grams.

Finally, the price for UBS gold issued by PT Untung Bersama Sejahtera is IDR 1,063,000 per gram. The price has increased by IDR 5,000 compared to yesterday. This means that in three days, this type of gold has strengthened Rp. 15,000.

The available UBS gold is complete, ranging in size from 0.5 grams to 1,000 grams.


Antam’s price

Antam Retro Prices

UBS price


Rp 601,000

Rp 570,000

Rp 567,000


Rp 1,099,000

Rp 1,069,000

Rp 1,063,000


Rp 2,137,000

Rp 2,116,000

Rp 2,110,000


Rp 3,179,000

Rp 3,143,000



Rp 5,264,000

Rp 5,223,000

Rp 5,213,000


Rp 10,471,000

Rp 10,380,000

Rp 10,369,000


Rp 26,048,000

Rp 25,800,000

Rp 25,870,000


Rp 52,014,000

Rp 51,507,000

Rp 51,633,000


Rp 103,948,000

Rp 102,921,000

IDR 103,225,000


Rp 259,597,000

Rp 256,988,000

IDR 257,986,000


Rp 518,978,000

Rp 513,732,000

IDR 515,363,000


IDR 1,037,915,000

IDR 1,027,414,000



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