Jokowi Determines the Fate of 58 PSNs Next Month, Anything Thrown Away?


Committee for the Acceleration of Providing Priority Infrastructure (KPPIP) said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will determine the fate of 58 national strategic projects (PSN) which has not been completed to date in the next month.

Deputy for Coordinating Regional Development and Spatial Planning at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and Chairman of the KPPIP Team Wahyu Utomo said he would report to President Jokowi regarding the progress of these projects. Wahyu said the fate of these projects would be determined by Jokowi, whether they were accelerated or expelled from PSN.

“I heard that (Next month’s PSN evaluation with Jokowi). Of course we hope it will be soon because we usually evaluate it every 6 months. So if it is on target, next month’s schedule we will report to the President (Jokowi),” he said at the Bung Karno Gelora Complex, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Sunday (14/5).

“If it’s certain that he (the private sector) can’t, can’t afford it, we’ll report it to the President, ‘Sir, it doesn’t seem like it’s working’. But if for example there are a few private companies left, it needs the President’s support, we report it so the President can direct it to the minister is accelerated or what,” continued Wahyu.

Although, Wahyu did not confirm which PSN was working with the private sector whose progress was slow. He only emphasized that of the 58 PSNs that had not been completed, 27 would be accelerated this year and the remaining 31 were targeted for completion in the first half of 2024.

He only gave an example of the progress of the New Ambon Port. According to him, the development of this project has not been too significant.

“For example in the Port of Ambon, but the progress has not been significant. Later we will try to confirm it again in front of the President, the President’s instructions regarding projects with insignificant progress. We will update later, but just wait for the President to announce it,” concluded Wahyu.

Meanwhile, Wahyu said that the 58 PSNs that have not been completed so far still need to cost IDR 420 trillion. He emphasized that President Jokowi has always advised that there will be no stalled projects in 2024.

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