Jokowi Asks Ministries/Institutions and Regional Governments to Use Government Credit Cards and Expand QRIS, JAKARTA — President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked all ministries/agencies and regional governments to use government credit cards. Jokowi said innovation in digital-based payment systems must continue to be developed.

The use of government credit cards is also considered to need to be strengthened to facilitate spending on goods by the central and regional governments. Thus increasing efficiency and transparency as well as facilitating accountability for the use of government spending.

“I ask all ministries, institutions and regional governments to use government credit cards,” Jokowi said in his remarks at the Indonesian Digital Financial Economy Festival, Monday (8/5/2023).

Apart from that, Jokowi also asked the government to support the expansion of QRIS between countries. He said, the development of payment connectivity in the ASEAN region such as QRIS between countries urgently needs to be strengthened.

So that it can support the economy and financial inclusion in the region. According to Jokowi, this is also an important part of Indonesia’s leadership in ASEAN this year.

“As well as supporting the expansion of QRIS between countries to accelerate an inclusive digital economy and finance,” he said.

Jokowi hopes that QRIS between countries and government credit cards can encourage an increase in MSME transactions, both through purchasing domestic products and expanding access to international markets.

Nevertheless, Jokowi reminded that innovation must be done carefully. Innovation needs to be carried out by paying attention to and having risk anticipation, a reliable security system, and a good consumer protection system.

“This risk mitigation must really be calculated in terms of regulation and supervision, monitoring and implications for the exchange rate and the sustainability of the adoption of international standards,” said Jokowi.

According to the President, the digital economy and finance in Indonesia can be optimized as a new source of economic growth. This is because it has a very large market share, which is around 40 percent of the total ASEAN digital economy transactions.

Jokowi assessed that Indonesia could continue to play a role as a major player in ASEAN. According to him, Indonesia’s potential to grow is more advanced and bigger.

Indonesia is currently ranked sixth as the country with the largest number of startups in the world. In addition, Indonesia also has more than 2,400 startups and internet penetration reaches 76.8 percent.

“The value of Indonesia’s digital economy is also projected to reach USD 130 billion in 2025 and will continue to grow to around USD 315 billion in 2030,” he said.

He also emphasized that the keys to continuing to grow and develop are innovation and trust. Namely innovation in the provision of digital-based payment systems as well as public security and protection.


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