Jasa Raharja Reminds Accident-Prone Points During Homecoming

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com

Raja Service urged residents to be aware of several accident-prone points, especially on toll roads during the 2023 Lebaran homecoming.

Director of Institutional Relations for Jasa Raharja Munadi Herlambang said there were several accident-prone points such as the Cipali toll road, the direction to Central Java and the direction of Sumatra in Lampung.

“And also in Central Java, in the Klaten area, outside the toll road, many accidents occur every year. And we are doing some traffic engineering with the Central Java Regional Police to reduce accidents at critical points. [termasuk] in Kreteg, Central Java,” Munadi said on the sidelines of the release of the 2023 BUMN Joint Homecoming participants at Pasar Senen Station, Central Jakarta, Sunday (16/4).

Meanwhile, regarding the accident on the Semarang-Solo toll road, Munadi said this was due to human error. The point where the incident occurred was not considered an accident-prone point.

However, because the accident occurred at the moment ahead of Eid 2023 and involved a travel vehicle, he said this incident certainly caught the public’s attention.

“Actually, Boyolali is not classified as a vulnerable point, but it happened yesterday and we must have mitigated it at that point,” he said.

On Friday (14/4) early morning, an accident occurred on the Semarang-Solo toll road Km 487+600, Boyolali, Central Java. The accident involved 8 vehicles consisting of 2 boxcars loaded with packages, 2 trailer trucks, 1 trailer truck, 1 tanker truck and 1 minibus.

This accident left at least 13 people injured and 8 people died. One of the dead was a trailer driver.


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