Jasa Marga Urges Homecoming Travelers to Avoid Peak Backflow Today and Tomorrow

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PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk predicts a return flow Eid 2023 happening April 24-25 2023 alias today and tomorrow. Corporate Communication and Community Development Group Head of Jasa Marga Lisye Octaviana also estimates that the next return will occur on Sunday (30/4) and Monday (1/5).

Therefore, he appealed to toll road users to postpone their return home on these dates so that there will be no congestion on the road.

“Avoid traveling at times that are predicted to be the peak of return traffic which is predicted to be April 24-25 2023 and April 30-May 1 2023,” Lisye said in a written statement, Monday (24/4).

“We recommend April 26-28 for a more comfortable trip. At the same time, you can take advantage of a 20 percent discount on the toll road from Semarang to Jakarta,” he said.

According to Lisye, the discount only applies to continuous trips that tap in at the Kalikangkung toll gate and tap out at the Cikampek Utama GT. He also emphasized that this applies to the use of electronic money.

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Therefore, he appealed to road users to ensure their electronic money balance is ready before traveling.

“Especially for trips on the Trans Java Toll Road, you can only use the same e-toll when you tap in and tap out. You can’t borrow the e-toll from other road users if your balance is lacking,” he said.

In addition, according to Lisye, toll road service users must also avoid traveling at favorite times, such as morning and evening.

Not only Jasa Marga, President Jokowi also appealed to travelers to postpone their return home in order to avoid a buildup of vehicles on the road.

This request was conveyed by Jokowi in the hope of unraveling potential traffic jams during the peak of the 2023 Eid homecoming return which is predicted to occur today, Monday (24/4), and Tuesday (25/4).

“The government invites people who don’t have urgent needs to avoid the peak of the return flow by postponing or postponing the schedule for returning home after April 26, 2023,” Jokowi said in a statement broadcast on the Cabinet Secretariat’s YouTube.

Jokowi suggested that people who do not have urgent needs can postpone going home by taking additional leave or other leave in accordance with the technicalities of their respective companies and agencies.

“This provision applies to ASN, TNI, Polri, and BUMN or even private employees whose technicalities can be arranged by the respective agencies or companies, such as additional forms of leave or other forms of leave,” he explained.


source: www.cnnindonesia.com

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