It turns out that this is the best index mutual fund in the last 5 years

Jakarta, – Investment is very important to increase the assets owned and meet financial needs in the future.

According to the 6th richest person in the world in 2021 according to Forbes Magazine, namely Warren Buffet, investing in index mutual funds is the best way to keep assets growing.

Known as the “Handbook of Life” to investors, Warren Buffet is one of the most popular and successful investors in the world.

Based on his confession, he recommends investing in index mutual funds because the costs are low, there is minimal risk and there is no market timing or influence on the decision to choose stocks individually.

In general, index mutual funds imitate their reference index portfolio, both stocks and bonds, besides that their yields can also be exactly the same as the reference index.

By investing in index mutual funds regularly, Warren Buffet believes that even novice investors can beat the performance of professional investors.

In addition, this mutual fund which is passively designed will also make financial investment easier and more affordable for the wider community, and does not require much assistance from investment managers in managing it.

The ranking and evaluation of the mutual fund products are categorized into several groups. In addition, the assessment of returns is also an important consideration. Mutual fund performance will be ranked based on the Risk Adjusted Return (RAR) and there are also participation unit growth criteria.

In this ranking, Avrist Asset Management won the prestigious “Best Mutual Fund 2023” award for the Avrist IDX30 product in the Index Mutual Fund & Passive ETF category, 5 Year Period.

Avrist IDX30 is a stock index mutual fund that reflects the performance of the IDX30 index which consists of 30 stocks with the highest liquidity and trading activity on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with good company fundamentals.

“We are very proud to receive this prestigious award from Investor & Infovesta Magazine,” said Cholis Baidowi, CEO of Avrist Asset Management.

Not only Avrist IDX30, Avrist’s Ada Kas Mutiara product also won an award in the category of Money Market Mutual Funds, 5 Year Period with Assets above IDR 10 Billion – IDR 100 Billion.

“This is proof of Avrist Asset Management’s hard work and dedication, in accordance with our vision, namely advancing life through the best investment solutions.” Cholis explained.

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