It turns out that teaching Excel can earn Rp. 29 billion a year

Jakarta, – Thanks to teaching Microsoft Excel, a woman in the United States (US) managed to earn US$ 2 million or Rp. 29.8 billion a year.

In just two months after he underwent this activity, his income immediately increased by a fantastic amount.

Reporting from CNBC Make It (5/3), in 2020, Kat Norton, who lives with her parents’ house, is in debt because of the student loan program.

But thanks to the video she uploaded on TikTok, Kat’s TikTok account, Miss Excel, which was created in June 2020, immediately went viral and was followed by 100,000 people.

In November of that same year, Kat started selling Excel courses on the side on the website she founded, and her income immediately increased.

As a result, Kat resigned from her job in January 2021 because she wanted to focus on being an entrepreneur. Kat also plans to teach nine different types of courses which are certainly useful for the career development of many people.

Currently, Miss Excel’s TikTok account has turned into a business that can generate more than IDR 29.8 billion annually. Pat’s boyfriend, Mike, finally decided to resign and help him as Director of Finance at Miss Excel.

Curious how Kat keeps up with this very profitable small business routine? Here’s the review.

Prioritize activity for physical health in the morning

Meditation in the morning is a routine that Kat does, because it will help her to be more calm and focused in dealing with various things. The meditation is done virtually in a group.

After meditation, Kat eats her breakfast with Mike. The menu they usually eat is oatmeal baked in the oven and coffee.

Shortly after breakfast, she started doing yoga guided by a personal trainer. After that continued swimming and sauna, before work.

Work only 3-4 hours a day

It turns out that Kat just started working during the day at her house. There, there is an office room and another one is a studio for creating content.

To be more productive, Kat arranges her work schedule in such a way according to the projects she wants to work on every day.

For example, Monday is the day where he organizes plans and brainstorms business strategies, then Tuesday is the day for shooting videos and editing social media content, and teaching Excel for corporate clients.

He also schedules breaks for each different work session. It turned out to be able to help Kat to work 15 to 20 hours a week productively.

Spend the afternoon on things you enjoy

Starting at 15.00, he and Mike decided to give up work and go have fun driving offroad cars in the mountains.

After that they also have dinner together at a restaurant or cook their own dishes with the recipes they like.

At exactly 9:30 pm, Kat had rested as best she could because in the morning she had to go back to her routine.

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