It turns out that only this much is the cost of going home using a private car

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Idul Fitri is still a month away, but preparations for going home can be done now by checking the costs needed for going home.

A survey by the Ministry of Transportation shows that people’s movements during Eid, especially those going home, mreached 123.8 million people

Based on the survey results, the origin of the movement of people is predicted to be dominated from Java, namely 62.5% or 77.3 million people.

The five highest community travel destinations are, first, Central Java 26.45% (32.75 million people). Then, East Java 19.87% (24.6 million people), West Java 16.73% (20.72 million people), Jabodetabek 6.52% (8.07 million people), and Yogyakarta 4.78% ( 5.9 million people).

Private cars are still the favorite transportation for travelers with a number of users reaching 22.07% (27.32 million people). Followed by motorbikes 20.3% (25.13 million people), buses 18.39% (22.77 million people), intercity trains 11.69% (14.47 million people), and car rental 7. 7% (9.53 million people).

For example, when going home to Semarang, how much will it cost to travel by using a private car?

First, what needs to be prepared is the cost of servicing a private car for long trips in order to maintain safety while on the trip.

Now there are several parts that need to be checked or monitored, namely the engine, electricity, brakes, clutch for cars with manual transitions, and tires.

It is estimated that the cost of checking and servicing the car will cost Rp. 500,000 to Rp. 700,000.

Second, the toll fee from Jakarta to Semarang that needs to be prepared in 2023 is IDR 377,500 for one trip. If you go back and forth, a fee of IDR 755,000 is required.

It’s better to set up a balance in electronic money or a card e-toll so that transactions at toll gates go smoother and don’t bother back and forth top up balance.

Third, the cost of gasoline needed also needs to be prepared. Based on the Google Maps application, the distance from Jakarta to Suraya is around 455 kilometers. With an average consumption of 1 liter of gasoline for 10 kilometers, travelers need 45.5 liters.

If using the Pertalite type, the cost of gasoline that must be prepared is IDR 455,000 one way and IDR 910,000 round trip.

Meanwhile, if you use Pertamax, the cost is IDR 605,150 one way and IDR 1,210,300 for round trip.

Fourth, money for food during the trip is also needed either for heavy meals, snacks, or drinks. Also, prepare provisions when you get stuck so you can fill your stomach during the trip.

Normally the Jakarta-Semarang trip can be reached by 5-7 hours of travel. This means that if you leave in the morning along the way there will be two heavy meals.

For example, the cost per person for heavy meals, snacks and drinks is IDR 100,000 per person. So for three meals required IDR 200,000 per person. If a family consists of four people, it will cost Rp. 800,000 one way and Rp. 1,600,000 for round trip.

Of course provisions from home would be very good to reduce the cost of eating on the road.

Total cost What is needed for family homecoming is around Rp. 2,133,000 to Rp. 2,485,000 one way from Jakarta to Semarang.

However, if you go back and forth, the costs required for going home are around IDR 4,266,000 to IDR 4,970,000.


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