Is it natural for a husband to give wealth to mother?

Jakarta, – Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi suddenly went viral recently because his ex-wife, Hiba Abouk, who filed for divorce, failed to get any kind of property. This is because Hakimi does not have any assets at all.

reported secondAbouk asked for half of Hakimi’s assets as gono-gini assets.

But the court immediately told Abouk that all the property belonging to the Paris-Saint Germain defender was registered in his mother’s name.

Reportedly, Hakimi pocketed a wealth of US $ 24 million or around Rp. 354.7 billion, which made Hakimi the sixth highest paid player in Africa.

However, after being traced, Hakimi only kept 20% of his total wealth, because 80% of it turned out to be given to his mother.

Questioning this case, is it possible that someone in Indonesia did what Hakimi did to his mother? And what are the rules regarding joint property in marriage in Indonesia? Here’s the review.

If you are married, you cannot carelessly give money to your parents

Without a prenuptial agreement, all the assets that the couple gets after the marriage takes place, while the assets in question also include income from salary or business. This is clearly stated in Article 35 of the Marriage Law.

So, when a couple is providing for their parents, they have to tell this to their partner beforehand as a form of consent.

Another case if in the marriage both partners agree to bind themselves through a prenuptial agreement.

With this agreement, there will be no mixing of assets that occurs after the marriage takes place unless both partners agree to buy an asset through a joint venture.

Can you donate assets to your parents?

Generally, asset donations are made by parents to their children, but what happens if the child is the one who donates assets to the parents? Is this possible?

The transfer of assets like this can certainly be done, and if you refer to PMK rules No. 245/PMK.03/2008, grants like what Hakimi did can be tax-free because there is a blood relationship in one lineage or in the relationship between the child and the biological parent. grantor and grantee.

However, the recipient of the grant is certainly obliged to report the grant assets when reporting the annual tax return.

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