Inheritance Can Make Families Ripped & Hostile, Here’s the Solution

Jakarta, – Even though you have prepared an inheritance with quite fantastic value for your baby, it is possible that there will be disputes that will occur in the future. But make no mistake that this can still be overcome in advance.

There are three inheritance laws that apply in Indonesia, namely the inheritance law of the Civil Code, Islamic Inheritance Law and Customary Inheritance Law. The decision to use inheritance law is in the hands of the heirs.

When a person dies without a will, the inheritance will be divided according to the agreed law. The use of law can also lead to disagreements between heirs.

Even a will does not guarantee that the inheritance will be divided smoothly, because when there are irregularities or violations of the inheritance provisions in the will, the will can be sued.

In fact, there are two things you can do while we are still alive to minimize these unwanted events in the future. Here are the reviews.

Asset grant

Grant is one of the wealth distribution processes that is carried out when the heir is still alive. As long as the grant is made to blood relatives in a straight line (parent to child), the grant process will not be taxable.

It’s just that, if there is a process of transferring names, costs will arise for this.

The assets that are difficult to share equally are property assets. Selling a property and dividing the proceeds equally is not a simple process.

Just imagine, what happens if the heir dies and leaves property assets to the four heirs without a will and minimal current assets. The inheritance distribution process can be even more complicated.

Life insurance

Disbursing life insurance coverage money is actually similar to a will grant. The sum insured can be disbursed when the insured dies.

The existence of life insurance can actually help heirs in the process of transferring the name of the assets that will be inherited by the heir. Or, this can also be an additional inheritance for the heirs to lighten the burden at a later date.

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