Indonesia’s 10 Biggest Export Destinations in April 2023


Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) noted export Indonesia during April 2023 reached US$19.29 billion. As many as 10 destination countries are the mainstay.

Deputy for Methodology and Statistical Information at BPS Imam Machdi said Indonesia’s main export destination country was China with a share of 25.62 percent of total non-oil and gas exports.

“Our exports to China this April reached US$4.62 billion, we are still our main trading partner,” he said in a press conference, Monday (15/5).

The second is to the United States with total exports of US$1.57 billion, followed by India with US$1.54 billion. Then the fourth largest export to Japan, which reached US $ 1.40 billion.

“These four countries had the largest import realization in April, all over US$1 billion,” he explained.

Some of the leading export commodities for Indonesia are iron and steel, palm oil and coal. Despite the declining price trend, it is still a contributor to export performance.

In detail, the export value in April, which was recorded at US$19.29 billion, fell 17.62 percent compared to March 2023. Meanwhile, compared to April 2022 which amounted to US$27.32 billion, it fell deeper, namely 29.40 percent.

By sector on a monthly basis, all export components contracted. Oil and gas fell 5.95 percent; agriculture, forestry and fisheries fell 22.56 percent; mining and others fell 7.84 percent; and the processing industry minus 21.5 percent.

Similarly, on an annual basis (year on year/yoy) all export sectors contracted. Oil and Gas -12.18 percent; agriculture, forestry and fisheries -26.02 percent; mines and others -25.85 percent; and processing industry -31.95 percent.

The following are 10 of Indonesia’s main export destinations:

China US$4.62 billion
US$1.57 billion
India US$1.54 billion
Japan US$1.40 billion
Malaysia US$810 million
South Korea US$610 million
Taiwan US$610 million
Singapore US$550 million
Thailand US$360 million, and
Netherlands US$300 million.

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[Gambas:Video CNN]


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