Indodax launches a new feature to make it easy for investors to buy crypto

Jakarta ( – Indodax, a pioneer of crypto exchange startups in Indonesia since 2014, launched a number of new features in its application to make it easier for beginners and experienced crypto investors to buy crypto.

“For the convenience of investors in buying and selling crypto, Indodax provides two modes in one application, namely Indodax Lite and Indodax Pro modes. Investors only need to switch to change these modes,” said Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan in a written statement received by in Jakarta, Tuesday .

This feature was launched not only because the number of crypto investors in Indonesia was almost 17 million people as of February 2023 based on the latest data from the Commodity and Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI), but also from the trend that occurred on the Indodax platform, where there were hundreds of thousands of new investors.

Indodax Lite mode makes it easier for novice investors to process buying and selling crypto more simply and instantly. Investors only need to follow the prices listed on the system and orders will be processed instantly. Investors do not need to calculate transaction costs and others because the system directly calculates the buying and selling price.

Meanwhile, the Indodax Pro mode is intended for experienced traders (expert traders) with more complex charts, and uses indicators that can be set by investors.

The Pair Markets, namely IDR and USDT, use the market order and limit order methods, which are different from Lite mode, where there is only a market with IDR pairs because it focuses on the user experience of crypto investors.

In Indodax Pro mode, investors can sell or buy assets with various purchase methods. The first method uses the Limit Order method, which is the process of buying and selling at a price determined by the investor. Transactions will be processed when the market price touches the price set by the investor.

The second method is the Market Order, which is the process of selling or buying instantly using prices made by market makers.

With a new look and design, Indodax makes it easier to choose crypto assets for investors by categorizing crypto assets into several categories such as IDR Market, USDT Market, NFT, Metaverse, Gaming, and DeFi.

Indodax also makes it easier for investors to view transaction history based on transaction details, as well as adding features to various MA, EMA, BB and VOL trading indicators.

In increasing customer convenience, Indodax presents an easy live chat access feature where it is much easier for investors to ask questions and consult with Indodax’s customer service team, which is available every day.

Indodax also presents a social share feature where investors can share market details and buy or sell transactions to social media applications.

For investors who want to learn more about crypto and blockchain, investors can visit the Indodax Academy tab which can be accessed directly in the application with the new look.

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Reporter: Martha Herlinawati Simanjuntak
Editor: Biqwanto Situmorang


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