In response to Luhut’s findings, GAPKI believes that palm oil companies comply with paying taxes


Association of Coconut Entrepreneurs palm Indonesia (GAPKI) believes that all members are obedient to pay tax so that it is not included in the government’s findings.

GAPKI chairman Eddy Martono is very sure that his members were not included in the findings. This is because proof of paying taxes is one of the requirements to be able to obtain certification for Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil Plantations (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil/ISPO).

“For companies, let alone GAPKI members who have received ISPO certificates or are currently processing it, it’s difficult not to comply with paying taxes. Because one of the requirements for ISPO is proof of tax payment,” Eddy said. (9/5).

According to him, companies that are not members of GAPKI should also find it difficult to avoid taxes. The reason is that it is a requirement to be able to get a certificate in the oil palm plantation industry.

Therefore, he believes that the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Panjaitan should be able to explain in detail the data found. This is because large companies registered with the government are sure to pay taxes.

“In fact, it should be clarified who is meant, if it’s a company it’s very difficult to avoid taxes and it’s very easy to find if you really don’t pay taxes,” he explained.

Luhut previously reported to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) that the owners of millions of hectares of oil palm land had not paid taxes. He came to this conclusion after asking the BPKP to audit the governance of the oil palm industry and plantations in Indonesia.

“The report said that palm oil was 14.6 million hectares. After we audited it, I asked BPKP to audit it, because we have to audit it first so we know where to start work. Then I found out that only 7.3 million hectares are paying taxes,” he explained in The Westin Jakarta this morning.

Luhut said that apart from Jokowi, he had informed the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani about the findings.

“So I said to the Minister of Finance (Sri Mulyani), ‘Hey, where are the others?’ Finally, the Director General of Taxes is now running and looking for it,” concluded Luhut.

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