In order not to become a burden, take care of this immediately after your parent dies

Jakarta, – The son of the late Ustadz Jefri Al Buchori (Uje), Mohammad Abidzar Al-ghifari, told how his family’s economic condition had fallen apart after his father died. They also lost their home because the house they were living in caught fire.

“Bokap (deceased Uje) wasn’t very open with his mother (Pipik Dian Irawati Popon) (regarding) economic matters. Anyway, what do you need, you have to make it up, just never tell me how much money I have left, all sorts of things, expenses like this, income like this, no, because previously the father had his own management called the Uje Center, where all the money went there and was divided equally, to his mother, to his brother, younger brother, (and) to my mother,” said Abidzar at CURHAT BANG Denny Sumargo , last week.

Talking about household finances, transparency about finances between partners is certainly one of the keys to success in managing finances. But every household certainly has a different way of managing their finances.

True death is a certain thing, and it is not impossible that it can create a separate financial burden for the heirs who are left behind. Therefore, heirs can do this to minimize the existing financial burden.

Find out the debt left behind

When someone dies, the debt they submit will mature and have the potential to be passed on to heirs.

It is important to know the amount of debt that has not been paid by the heir to make it easier for the heir to anticipate everything that will happen in the future.

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has a website called my idea which can be used to check credit records for both individuals, business entities and debtors who have died.

Of course, the check can be carried out by the debtor’s heirs.

Contact parent’s life insurance agent (if applicable)

If your parents have a life insurance policy, then know that the insurance company will disburse the sum insured to the beneficiary if the insured dies.

By contacting an insurance agent, the agent will assist the entire claim process by the heirs.

Life insurance coverage money can be used to pay debts if any, or to finance life,

Access parental savings

In his chat via podcast with Denny Sumargo, Abidzar said that the late Uje left two ATM cards for his wife. However, his wife never knew what the ATM pin number was.

The Uje family has tried many times to take care of this to the bank, but it is difficult and the money cannot be disbursed. As a result, Umi Pipik had to work hard to support her family.

The ownership status of a deceased person’s account is regulated in Law Number 7 of 1992 which was revised in Law Number 10 of 1998 concerning Banking.

Banks are required to inform the accounts of customers who have died, including assisting the disbursement process to heirs.

For this matter, the heir must have a document of the Heir Declaration.

Deed of Inheritance Right Statement or Inheritance Certificate. You can forward these documents to the bank for disbursement of funds in the heir’s account.

Execute the inheritance process without delay

When someone dies by means of a will, the terms of inheritance will refer to the contents of the will as long as they do not violate the provisions. But if not, then the division of inheritance will be carried out based on the inheritance law agreed upon by the heirs.

It is better to immediately consult with siblings or parents who are still alive to agree on the inheritance law to be used.

Delaying inheritance can actually be done for one reason or another, but this certainly has the potential to make the inheritance process more complicated.

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