Important information! This is the mutual fund that makes its owner the richest

Jakarta, – What investment instruments can help you increase your wealth in a political year? If you choose mutual funds, there is one type of mutual fund that seems that you can’t escape your attention at this time.

According to Edvisor CEO, Praska Putrantyo, the two mutual fund indices that had the best year-to-date performance until April 28, 2023 were the fixed income mutual fund index and the sukuk index.

The YTD performance of the two indices recorded an increase of 2.21% and 2.18%.

“The performance of these two mutual funds is indeed quite bright, why? Because the underlying assets or portfolio consist of government securities (SBN),” said Praska in investime (5/5).

After the two mutual funds, the third place is filled by money market mutual funds. Praska also said that an increase in interest rates also has the potential to boost the performance of the low-risk mutual funds to 1.26%.

Praska reminded again that even though it is called a money market, money market mutual funds are not always dominated by deposit assets. Other instruments, such as bonds with tenors of less than one year, are also included in the money market category.

So what’s up with mixed mutual funds and stocks, which are often called high risk and high returns?

The mixed mutual fund index is in fourth place with a YTD performance of 1.05%, this is because the contents of the mixed mutual fund portfolio generally consist of stocks, bonds and money market instruments.

The recent rise in sovereign bond prices appears to have had a positive effect on the mutual fund.

Meanwhile, the performance of the mutual fund index was the lowest at 0.9% because the performance of the Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) was also not very good.

Types of fixed income mutual funds

Based on the contents of the portfolio, fixed income mutual funds are divided into two types. There are those whose contents are dominated by private debt securities, there are SBN.

For a longer investment period, you can choose a fixed income mutual fund product whose portfolio is dominated by government bonds.

This fixed income mutual fund has indeed higher fluctuations in the short term. This is because SBN is an instrument that is actively traded in the secondary market, which is different from debt securities of private companies.

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