If you want a dowry of IDR 600 million like Jessica Mila, check your wallet first!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Jessica Mila and Yakup Hasibuan finally officially became husband and wife after making their sacred vows at the HKBP Rawamangun Church, East Jakarta, on May 5, 2023m

As reported by InsertLive, two days after Jessica and Yakup’s wedding, news emerged stating that Yakup’s synamot or dowry money was Rp. 600 million.

Petty Hasibuan, Yakup’s sister, immediately gave a response. Petty explained again that synamot matters were an internal affair, and of course only the family would know the numbers.

According to various sources, Sinamot actually comes from three syllables. Si is a demonstrative word, Na is “which” and Mot means “fixed value.” Therefore sinamot can be interpreted as an object of fixed value.

The form of a sinamot can vary, but it is certain that a sinamot is an object whose value is fixed and can be given away. The amount is in accordance with the agreement between the boru recipient and the boru giver.

However, according to Financialku, the number of cinnamots is not small. The amount will be affected by:

  1. The education level of the bride

  2. Current job of the bride

  3. Distance of residence between women and men

  4. Status in the family tree

  5. Family social status

  6. The reputation or image of the bride in society

  7. Status of appearance or beauty

The better the value of the bride and groom from the aspects mentioned, the higher the sinamot.

Certainly, sinamot is not the only expense that must be paid in a traditional Batak wedding. There are still rings, building rent, decorations, catering, and so on.

Is it okay to spend a lot of money on a wedding?

Judging whether or not a dowry whose value is equivalent to a house, then that of course depends on the financial ability of the person concerned.

For a party that only lasts a few hours, it would be unwise for someone to let their savings run out of course.

No matter how expensive the wedding celebration is, the most important thing about marriage is life after the party. Someone will enter a new phase of life which of course will be faced with new financial challenges.

Those who used to be able to live frugally, are now challenged to be able to support and make their family happy at the same time.

This of course has an impact on increasing spending which is not small, there are family vacation plans, plans to buy a house, plans for children’s education costs, and others.

Even though there is a desire to marry simply for the sake of maintaining finances in the future, family demands can force someone to discourage this intention.

To anticipate the large expenses in financing the wedding, all forms of this expenditure should be prepared in advance according to financial capabilities.

You can start allocating money for marriage savings every month from 10% of income.

The longer the timeframe for preparing wedding funds, the easier the process will be. Vice versa, the shorter your deadline, the greater the funds that must be set aside each month.

It’s not just a matter of marriage. Other matters such as the cost of preparing for the birth of a child’s education, and others should also be prepared in advance when you are still productive at work.

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