How to Make SKCK for BUMN Recruitment 2023


Certificate of Police Records or SKCK is a document required to register recruitment with SOEs 2023. SKCK is an official letter to legally prove someone’s good behavior.

How to make SKCK For the 2023 BUMN recruitment, it can be done online or offline, and the process can be as fast as one anniversary.

The validity period of SKCK is 6 months from the date of issue. If it has passed the validity period but this file is still needed, then you can apply for an extension of the SKCK to the Polsek, Polres, Polda or Polri Headquarters.

Terms of Making SKCK

Following are the general requirements for making an SKCK. You can check the requirements in more detail on the page.

  • Photocopy of KTP by showing the original KTP.
  • Photocopy of birth certificate, or birth certificate, or diploma, or marriage certificate.
  • Photocopy of Family Card (KK).
  • Fingerprint document.
  • Photocopy of another identity card for those who do not meet the requirements to get a KTP.
  • 6 (six) pieces of 4×6 color passport size photographs with a red background, modestly dressed and collared photos, photos without facial accessories, showing faces, and for applicants wearing headscarves, photographs must show the full face.

How to Make SKCK Online

How to make an SKCK for BUMN recruitment 2023 online, can only be done via the Presisi Polri Super Apps which are downloaded free via the Google Play Store or App Store.

Account Registration on the Presisi Polri Application:

  1. Open the Presisi POLRI application on an Android or iOS device.
  2. On the application’s home page several explanations will appear, you can select the Continue or Skip option.
  3. Then a message will appear ‘Allow POLRI to access this device?’ and click on the option ‘While app is in use.’
  4. Select the Profile menu and click New List.
  5. Enter the currently active mobile number and click Next.
  6. Enter the 5-digit OTP code from the National Police into the registered cellphone number.
  7. Complete the Profile menu by filling in the Real Name and Password, click Next.
  8. After the Registration Successful description appears, click the Return to Home option.
  9. Select the Profile menu and click the Profile icon at the top right to verify your registered email.
  10. Enter an active email address and click Verify.
  11. Copy the 6-digit OTP code sent by the National Police to the registered email address, and paste it into the application field.

SKCK list:

  1. Return to the Home menu.
  2. Select the SKCK menu and check the requirements.
  3. Click the Submit SKCK menu at the top in orange.
  4. A description of costs, requirements, processing time, and collection will appear, click Start.
  5. Complete the Identity Data column, such as name and number according to KTP, place, date of birth, nationality, NPWP, KTP photo, selfie photo, click Next, fill in the full address, and Save.
  6. In the description ‘Send data for VERIFICATION’ click the Submit Now option.
  7. Later your data will be verified by the system for 1×24 hours.
  8. After that, a code and invoice will appear to the registered email address, to complete the payment.
  9. Then proof of payment can be printed.
  10. Then bring proof of valid payment and the requirements as above, when you are going to pick up the SKCK at the Polsek, Polres, Polda, or Polri Headquarters, according to the collection schedule sent to the email.

How to make SKCK Offline

How to make an offline SKCK can directly go to the local Polsek, Polres, Polda, or Police Headquarters.

  1. Bring all the requirements to make SKCK according to the service you want to aim for. There are Polsek, Polres, Polda, or Mabes Polri.
  2. After arriving at the Police Office, fill in the SKCK form at the registration counter.
  3. Continue to make fingerprint documents at the counter.
  4. Submit all requirements to the administrative officer at the counter.
  5. Later the officer will check again the completeness of the requirements, and make sure nothing is missed.
  6. Prepare IDR 30,000 in cash to pay for the SKCK processing fee.
  7. After that, wait in the waiting room until your name is called by the officer, and the SKCK has been issued by the Police.

That’s how to make an SKCK for BUMN recruitment 2023. Make sure you come during operating hours 08.00-15.00 local time.


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