How to educate children to be successful, you can imitate Elon Musk’s mother’s tips

Jakarta, – The mother of Tesla founder Elon Musk, Maye Musk, apparently often gets questions about how to educate children so that they can grow into successful people in the future. Maye who works as a model has a secret in this matter.

Not only Elon, Maye’s two sons and daughter can be said to be successful in their profession.

Kimball, Maye’s second son, is an entrepreneur, restaurant owner and chef. He is the owner of The Kitchen Restaurant Group, which operates in Colorado and Chicago, as well as the co-founder of Big Greens, a non-profit organization that actively educates small children about agribusiness.

Meanwhile, Tosca, her youngest daughter, is a well-known film producer and director. He also received an award for his work in the world of cinematography.

Reporting from CNBC Make It and Inc., this woman, who is now in her seventeenth birthday, has some great tips for raising and raising her children to become successful people in the future, along with her comments.

Teach him to work as early as possible

“I have been a single parent with three children since I was 31 years old, I have never felt guilty if I had to work full-time because I had no other choice. Taking care of my children remains my priority, and I continue to work hard to meet their needs. our basic needs are still fulfilled,” said Maye Musk, quoted from CNBC Make It.

It is said that Maye, who married Errol Musk in 1970, has been working with his father since he was eight years old.

Maye’s father opened an alternative medicine practice, chiropractic, his wife also helped him with the business of typing the bulletin while Maye and his twin sister, Kaye, were paid by the father at 5 cents an hour to make copies of the newsletter and send it by mail.

When Maye and Kaye turned 12 years old, they worked at the clinic as receptionists.

They worked shifts to register patients, make drinks for guests, set up X-ray machines, before finally their fathers both came and met their patients.

Maye was inspired by his own father who really treated his children like adults.

Maye’s children also often helped Maye when she set up a business in the health sector, Tosca always helped her with correspondence, and Elon helped explain technical matters, while Kimball also often helped in various matters.

Let the child choose what he likes

Of course, Maye taught her children about the importance of working hard and doing good. Maye never treated them like children and scolded them for the mischief they did.

Uniquely, Maye also never checks the homework (PR) that her children get from school because homework is their responsibility with educational institutions.

From this habit, Maye’s children have grown to become people who are very responsible for their own future.

All of them were never confused about choosing where to go to college to continue their studies at a higher level. They also graduate well with scholarships or with the help of student loans.

Maye reiterated that parents don’t need to distance their children from the reality surrounding responsibility. Children are lucky because they can see the hard work of their parents who are willing to work hard to make ends meet.

Reportedly, when they were in college they had to live in a rented house with very poor conditions. But Maye’s children did not mind it.

“If your children don’t live in luxury, they will grow up to be strong people.

There’s no need to spoil them, when you are sure they are in a safe condition, they are able to take care of themselves,” said Maye.

Don’t get stressed easily about the “little business” of children

Maye admits that many single parents are stressed out about raising their own children. For example, when they have to register their children in school, there are lots of forms to fill out and so on.

Maye’s advice is, let the child take care of the school paperwork on their own and don’t help them.

This is because the child must also understand his responsibilities in the future.

If the child has shown interest in the business world, support them. Teach them to keep doing good and let them decide what they want.

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