How to Collect Money for Homecoming Next Year, Let’s Check It Out!

Jakarta, – Returning to their hometown ahead of Eid al-Fitr has certainly become a ritual for most people in Indonesia. Considering that the costs that must be prepared are quite large, what if at this time you also prepare the costs of going home next year from now on.

For those of you who don’t plan to go home today, you can use some of the holiday allowance (THR) to go home next year. If the funds from THR are not enough to cover homecoming expenses, you can set aside 10 to 30% of your income regularly every month.

Interested in doing this? If you want to try it, here are the right steps to collect funds for going home next year.

Calculate the details of homecoming expenses

Let’s just say one family wants to go home by plane. They spent a week in their hometown, and stayed at a relative’s house.

The following is an illustration of the family’s expenses for a week in their hometown.

It is clear that for one homecoming, Mr. X’s family can spend Rp. 18.7 million a week. If Mr. X doesn’t prepare for going home in advance, then the THR money and salary can be used up for going home.

If Mr. X wants to save regularly, then in a month Mr. X can allocate Rp. 1.55 million to his savings account.

Saving in an account carries the risk of being used up

You should be aware of this one risk. The reason is, when money is used, it is likely that you will drain your savings for this.

The most effective way is to use money market mutual funds. Money market mutual funds are often referred to as low risk investment instruments because the assets included in the money market mutual fund portfolio are money market instruments such as time deposits, or debentures with maturities of under one year.

Even though the rate of return on money market mutual funds is also low, remember that your goal in buying money market mutual funds is to save funds for going home.

It would be nice for you to save in financial instruments that are low in volatility.

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