Homecoming is Prone to Accidents, You Must Do This to Keep Calm!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Accidents are indeed something that can be experienced by travelers on the highway, and they always come unexpectedly. And even though the number of homecoming accidents in 2022 is stated to have decreased from 2019, the number is still in the thousands.

As stated in the 2022 Directorate General of Land Transportation newsletter of the Ministry of Transportation, the homecoming tradition has indeed been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2022, the Government of Indonesia will allow the return of the homecoming tradition with the condition that if you have a booster vaccine you don’t need to do PCR.

In the Accident Analysis and Evaluation, the decline in the number of travelers in 2022 when compared to 2019 actually contributed to the reduction in accident cases by 45%.

Apart from the decrease in the number of travelers, another factor that has caused a decrease in accident cases from the previous 3,199 in 2019 to 1,763 in 2022 is due to a decrease in the number of travelers with motorbikes and tourist transportation such as buses.

In addition, there was also an increase of 1.7% from Eid 2022 to 2019 for vehicles passing on the Jabodetabek exit toll road. Meanwhile, it was also noted that the number of vehicles entering Jabodetabek increased by 11.8%.

Homecoming by private car is still an option

Even though you have to struggle with traffic jams and long travel times, as well as dealing with the risk of accidents, going home with a private car is still an option.

Even though you can say it’s more affordable than going home by plane or other transportation, there are still other costs that you have to prepare for. Call it service costs, tolls, fuel, consumption, and insurance.

Even though the number of accidents has decreased, the potential for accidents still exists and is very likely to be experienced by travelers with private cars.

Insurance is of course the only product that can protect travelers from financial risks that occur due to accidents. So what insurance is needed for a traveler?

Insurance for going home with a private car

Accident insurance

Personal accident insurance will provide protection to the insured against various risks of accidents that have the potential to occur, one of which is a traffic accident.

For example, the state-owned passenger accident insurance that you can use is Jasa Raharja Insurance. The benefits that can be obtained from this social insurance are:

  • Accident compensation for death: IDR 50 million

  • Permanent disability compensation: max. IDR 50 million

  • Compensation for medical treatment costs: max. IDR 20 million (sea freight), IDR 25 million (air freight)

  • Reimbursement for burial costs if there are no heirs: IDR 4 million

  • First aid expense reimbursement: IDR 1 million

  • Ambulance reimbursement: IDR 500 thousand

However, not infrequently, this one insurance is an addition to car insurance, but there is also a stand-alone one.

Car insurance

After you are protected, then you need vehicle insurance, which in this case is a car. Car insurance is useful for protecting your finances from financial risks due to an accident or loss of a vehicle. Car insurance consists of all risk insurance which covers almost all risks that occur, or Total Lost Only (TLO) which covers loss of the car or serious damage with a value equal to 70% of the price of the car.

Car insurance has various extended benefits ranging from protection against natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, riots and terrorism to third party liability (TJH III).

Buying car insurance with extended TJH III benefits is something you should consider. As is TJH III, it is very possible for the policy owner to compensate for losses from other people caused by the policy owner.

Home insurance

Maybe you will wonder, why is home insurance on the list of insurance needed when you go home? Isn’t vehicle and accident insurance enough?

When you leave your home to travel, it is possible that a disaster may arise and endanger your home, such as fire, damage, or even theft.

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