Having a Wealth of IDR 11.7 Billion, Rewards Turn Out to be Zero Debt

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Ganjar Pranowo, the PDI Perjuangan presidential candidate, is recorded as having no debts on his wealth report.

As quoted from the e-LHKPN as of March 30, 2022, the value of Ganjar Pranowo’s debt in 2021 is IDR 0. Meanwhile, Ganjar’s total assets and assets were recorded at IDR 11.77 billion.

From these data it can be said that Ganjar Pranowo has a good debt ratio because he has no debt.

Starting from the solvency ratio to find out how vulnerable personal finances are if trapped in a state of bankruptcy.

The way to calculate it is to divide the total value of net worth by the total value of assets.

It is known that Ganjar’s net worth is obtained from all total assets minus liabilities or debts of IDR 11.77 billion. While the total assets are also IDR 11.77 billion. So that the payoff solvency ratio is 100% alias above the safe limit of 35%.

But what if you are not like Ganjar, who has a good solvency ratio and zero debt?

Here’s how to manage personal debt so you don’t fall into bankruptcy:

1. Make a list of debts that must be paid. Make a list of debts that must be paid in order from debts with the highest interest first. This can help you to prioritize debt payments so you don’t pay increasingly large interest.

2. Create a monthly budget. Make a realistic monthly budget that fits your income. In the monthly budget, make sure that you have taken into account paying debt installments every month.

3. Reduce unnecessary expenses. Reduce unnecessary expenses such as eating at restaurants, buying new clothes, and so on. This will help you save money so you can pay off your debt faster.

4. Pay more debt than necessary. If you have a sufficient budget, it is better to pay off more debt than necessary. By paying more, you will get out of debt more quickly.

5. Look for additional sources of income. If possible, try to find additional sources of income such as working part-time, selling unused items, or offering services to generate extra money to pay off debts.

6. Avoid new debt. Avoid borrowing money again because this will only increase your debt. Before borrowing money, reconsider whether it’s really necessary or not.

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