Have IDR 50 Million Want to Double it to IDR 6 Billion? Don’t go to the Shaman!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – The case of deception by Mbah Slamet is still being discussed today. As is well known, Mbah Slamet once admitted that he could double Rp. 50 million to Rp. 6 billion.

“They were promised, someone was promised to double Rp. 50 million to Rp. 6 billion. He was a trick. As soon as he was billed, he was in a dark eye. He was constantly being charged, he was invited to his house to be given a drink with the promise that if he was strong, the money would be doubled. Even though, once he drank it, he was weak , was buried,” said Luthfi at the Central Java Police Headquarters detikJatengWednesday (5/4/2023).

Without the need for gifts, doubling Rp. 50 million to Rp. 6 billion can be done in a safe, legal, and free of deception manner.

It’s just that the process of doubling money on this one is in the form of an investment and not as fast as lightning.

Instead of going to a shaman and putting your life in danger, just do the following things to double your IDR 50 million to IDR 6 billion.

Imitate Lo Kheng Hong’s strategy in stock investment

The famous Indonesian investor, nicknamed Indonesia’s Warren Buffett, Lo Kheng Hong (LKH) has an investment strategy that allows you to reap up to hundreds of percent of profits from shares. This strategy is called value investing.

LKH often mentions the analogy of buying Mercy at the price of Avanza when they want to talk about value investing. The reason is, he often hunts for shares of companies that have good prospects at a low price (wrong price).

Some concrete evidence of the success of LKH’s value investing strategy is in PT United Tractor Tbk (UNTR), where LKH bought the shares at Rp 250 silver per share and sold them at Rp 15 thousand per share in the sixth year.

Apart from UNTR, there are also PT Multibreeder Adirama Indonesia (MBAI) shares which have merged with PT Japfa Comfeed Tbk (JPFA).

LKH bought MBAI at Rp 250 silver per share in 2005 and sold it six years later at Rp 31,500.

However, know that behind the big profits, there will still be risks in investing. And value investing itself requires an understanding as well as expertise in analyzing a stock.

Don’t give up on continuing to learn until you can master all things related to stock analysis.

You can also invest in stock mutual funds

Apart from investing in stocks, the next option you can try is stock mutual funds. By buying stock mutual funds, you can have an investment portfolio that is dominated by stocks.

The shares in the mutual fund portfolio have also been selected by investment managers who are experienced in managing investments.

Based on a search conducted by Armfalcon.com Research at Infovesta, there are five equity fund products that can provide profits above 50% in three years. The mutual fund was also formulated by an investment management company that has a good reputation, and has funds under management (AUM) of over IDR 100 billion.

Here are the stock funds with the highest three-year returns:

Stay patient in investing

There will be no instant success, nor can the past performance of a stock or mutual fund be guaranteed to be repeated in the future. Therefore, patience is one of the keys to success in investing.

It is important that you manage your expectations so that you are not too disappointed later on.

Increase your income, so you can set aside a larger amount of money for investment each month.

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