Have household members? This is the ideal THR you give to him

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Hiring a household assistant (ART) will certainly help you lighten your housework, but remember that your obligation is not only to pay your salary, but also THR money to be paid.

It is undeniable that THR to ART is also one of the things that contributes to increasing your expenses in the month of Ramadan.

Just imagine, when the prices of some basic necessities go up, there are quite intensive activities for breaking the fast together, going home, shopping for clothes, and there is THR money for household members.

Most likely, your salary and THR will not be enough to cover all expenses in this holy month. As a result, you are likely to be in debt.

In a way, this is a mandatory expense that you have to pay if you want your household member to feel comfortable working in your home.

Setting aside money each month at the beginning to raise funds for THR ART is a pretty good financial strategy. But without a good calculation formula, you can miscalculate and this will have an impact on your overall finances.

THR ART formula

Ideally, an employee receives THR from the workplace equivalent to one salary if he is already working at the company. You can adopt this concept to provide THR to the household member you work with.

Let’s just say your household member’s monthly salary is Rp. 2.5 million, and he has worked with you for six months. Then how much THR should you pay to him?

Considering that your household member has not worked for a year, you can provide THR proportionally (pro rata).

Here is a formula you can use.

THR = 6 (months of service) / 12 (months a year) x IDR 2.5 million = IDR 1.25 million

Do you need a bonus outside of the THR?

The ideal benchmark for assessing the eligibility of a household member to receive a bonus is the work performance with you. But don’t let you neglect your personal finances because of this one thing.

However, the amount of THR and bonuses must be adjusted to your financial capabilities. You can also agree on the amount of THR or bonuses at the beginning of their working period.

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