Gunung Agung Bookstore Reportedly Layoffs of 350 Employees


PT GA Thirteen or as it is known Mount Agung Bookstore reportedly terminated employmentlayoffs) to its 350 employees.

Information submitted by the Association of Indonesian Trade Unions (ASPEK). They accuse the layoffs were carried out unilaterally. ASPEK President Mirah Sumirat said that his party had received reports of complaints and requests for advocacy regarding this case of arbitrary mass and unilateral layoffs.

The unilateral and mass layoffs carried out by the Gunung Agung Bookstore management did not comply with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations. Both in process and related to normative rights that must be paid by the company.

From reports that have come in, it is estimated that as many as 220 Mount Agung workers have been laid off unilaterally from 2020 to 2022. Unilateral and mass layoffs are reported to continue in 2023, and are estimated to have claimed up to 350 workers.

“The irony is that the workers who were laid off did not get their rights according to the applicable laws and regulations, because they were only given compensation of 1 month’s salary,” said Mirah Sumirat.

Mirah Sumirat also revealed that for years, the Gunung Agung Bookstore management had employed contract workers who did not comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Workers are contracted repeatedly, with a continuous working period.

Mirah said that his party had good intentions by sending a letter requesting a hearing to the Directors of PT GA Tiga Belas, to follow up on the report and find the best solution for the parties on March 24, 2023.

However, the management of PT GA Thirteen refused on the grounds that they had no legal relationship with ASPEK Indonesia and stated that the problem that occurred was an internal company problem.

Even the management of PT GA Tiga Belas does not want to acknowledge the existence of the PT GA Tiga Belas Workers’ Union (SP Gunung Agung), with trumped-up reasons and ignoring the provisions of the applicable law.

Even though SP Gunung Agung is a legal labor union and has received proof of registration from the Central Jakarta City Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Sub-agency.

Mirah Sumirat emphasized that the attitude of the management of Mount Agung, both in terms of mass unilateral layoffs, and in responding to the good faith of ASPEK Indonesia and its workers’ unions, is a form of management arrogance.

“If the management of PT GA Tiga Belas continues to be arrogant and does not have good faith, then ASPEK Indonesia will make every effort to advocate for this unilateral and mass layoff case, including considering holding a demonstration at the head office,” said Mirah.

As for ASPEK Indonesia’s demands, the normative rights of workers at PT GA Tiga Belas are paid, such as those related to workers’ wages, compensation and other rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

[Gambas:Video CNN] has attempted to request a response to the news of the layoffs from Mount Agung’s management via the number available on their website. However, was directed to contact their head office.

Unfortunately, the number of the head office provided by Mount Agung until this news was released has not responded to a confirmation request.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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