Government Confiscates 538 Thousand Meters of Land in Bojonggede Related to the BLBI Case


Task Force for Handling State Billing Rights Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance Fund (BLBI Task Force) seize land covering an area of ​​538 thousand square meters in the name of PT Tjitajam.

The land is located in Cipayungjaya Village, Bojonggede District, Bogor Regency (now Cipayungjaya Village, Cipayung District, Depok City). The asset value of the land is still being calculated.

This confiscation is for settlement and restoration of state rights from BLBI funds.

“The asset is the Collateral Taken Over (BJDA) of former PT Bank Central Dagang/former debtor of PT Mitra Unggul Bina Nusa and is calculated as a deduction from PT Bank Central Dagang’s liabilities by IBRA,” said BLBI Task Force Chairman Rionald Silaban through an official statement, Wednesday (17 /5).

These assets have also been recorded as state-owned assets in the Central Government Financial Statements/Special Transaction Financial Reports, which are currently managed by the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) cq the Directorate General of State Assets.

Physical control of ex-IBRA/ex BLBI property assets was carried out by the BLBI Task Force starting with a morning rally at 08.00 WIB by all officers. After that, proceed with the installation of signposts at 15 location points.

“The former BLBI property assets above are a priority for handling by the BLBI Task Force,” said Rionald.

He said that the assets that have been physically controlled will be optimized in management in accordance with applicable regulations.

For the next stage, the BLBI Task Force has planned physical control over property assets spread across various cities/districts in Indonesia.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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