Government Completes Discussion of 367 DIM of PPRT Bill


Minister of Labor Ida Fauziyah said the government had completed discussions on 367 problem inventory lists (DIM) related to the Draft Law on Protection Domestic Workers (PPRT Bill). Of the 367 DIMs, 79 are new substances.

“There were 238 DIM that we discussed. Then after we conducted discussions it ended up being 367 DIM. Why are there so many? That’s because we coordinated between institutional ministries, also after we listened to stakeholders’ aspirations,” Ida said in a press conference at the Pullman Hotel, Jakarta , Monday (15/5).

Ida said the PPRT Bill contains approximately nine chapters. In detail, Chapter I contains general provisions and Chapter II contains principles and objectives. Then Chapter III contains the recruitment and scope of household work.

Later the recruitment of domestic workers can be done in two ways. Firstdirect recruitment of prospective domestic workers carried out by the Employer and based on an Agreement. Secondindirect recruitment of prospective domestic workers by P3RT.

“This also accommodates the psychology of our society where domestic workers are recruited directly and indirectly,” explained Ida.

Then, Chapter IV contains work relations, Chapter V contains the rights and obligations of each party, and Chapter VI contains skills and expertise improvement.

Furthermore, Chapter VII deals with Domestic Worker Placement Companies (P3RT). Chapter VIII contains guidance and supervision, and Chapter IX deals with dispute resolution.

Then the following chapters contain criminal provisions, transitional provisions, and closing provisions.

“Violations of criminal provisions related to this law were carried out in accordance with statutory regulations, so they are not regulated in this law, but follow the provisions of existing regulations,” said Ida.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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