Government Absorbs IDR 11.8 Trillion from SUN Buyback Auctions, JAKARTA — The government absorbed IDR 11.8 trillion from the buyback auction of Government Securities (SUN) by way of exchange (debt switch) through a many to many mechanism and using the MOFiDS (Ministry of Finance Dealing System) trading platform facility on Thursday (30/3) /2023). The funds were absorbed from the nominal amount of bids submitted by bidders of IDR 13.39 trillion.

In an official statement received in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/4/2023), the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management of the Ministry of Finance noted that bidders offered 13 series of government bonds out of 15 series of government bonds offered by the government. In detail, the series of government bonds offered by market players, namely FR0063 with an offer of IDR 124 billion and won at the same value and exchanged with swap bonds issued by the government, namely FR0089, FR0095 and FR0096, each issued with a nominal value of IDR 20 billion, Rp. 100 billion, and Rp. 4 billion.

Then market players offered the FR0046 series worth IDR 400 billion which was then exchanged for government bonds FR0098 and absorbed IDR 100 billion. For the FR0070 series worth IDR 3.15 trillion offered by market players, the government absorbed as much as IDR 3 trillion to be exchanged for FR0096.

The government bond series FR0077 was offered by bidders worth IDR 1.73 trillion and was absorbed in the same nominal value by the government and exchanged it for two series of bonds, namely FR0095 amounting to IDR 715 billion and FR0096 valued IDR 1.01 trillion.

For the FR0044 series, a value of Rp. 15 billion was offered, which was absorbed by the government by exchanging Rp. 10 billion for FR0089 and Rp. 5 billion for FR0096. Meanwhile, for the FR0081 and FR0084 series offered by market players worth Rp. 50 billion and Rp. 20 billion, respectively, the government decided not to collect the funds.

Furthermore, from the offers by market players for the FR0040 series valued at IDR 2.06 trillion, the government absorbed IDR 2 trillion through exchange with FR0096. From the FR0086 offering valued at IDR 4.58 trillion, the government reaped IDR 4 trillion and also exchanged it for the FR0096 series.

Market players also offered series FR0056 bonds of Rp. 718 billion which were then absorbed by the government by exchanging series FR0095 worth Rp. 400 billion. From the FR0090 series offering worth IDR 123 billion, the government absorbed IDR 31 billion by exchanging IDR 26 billion for FR0096 and IDR 5 billion for FR0098.

Then, from the market offering for the FR0059 series of IDR 412 billion, the government decided to absorb IDR 400 billion and exchange it for FR0095. Finally, from the FR0042 offering worth IDR 8 billion, the government absorbed the same amount through the exchange of FR0089 and FR0096 each worth IDR 4 billion.

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