Gokil, Celebration at the Ritz Carlton Costs Translucent IDR 800 Million!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – The keyword Ritz Carlton suddenly became trending topic after the birthday (birthday) video, Riskia Amelia Pohan, daughter of the Regional Secretary of Riau, SF Hariyanto, went viral on the Socmed Party Twitter account.

As is known, the luxurious lifestyle of SF Hariyanto’s wife and daughter has received media attention lately. SF Hariyanto had made a statement that the luxury bags and shoes his wife bought were kw (fake) goods.

And recently, SF Hariyanto also said that his eldest daughter’s 17th birthday celebration was held at a “shop called Ritz Carlton.” The event was not held on a large scale and was attended by his school friends.

It’s no secret that when we hear the name Ritz Carlton, our attention will be focused on a five-star luxury hotel located in Jakarta.

The CNBC Research Team conducted a search of the rates for holding events at this five-star hotel from its official website and various other sites. The following are the costs that must be incurred if you want to hold an event or celebration at the Ritz Carlton.

Starting from IDR 950 thousand per person?

This hotel offers price packages for those of you who want to hold events related to corporate events, namely meetings, general shareholders meetings, new product launches, gala dinners, and so on.

Like other hotels, the amount of fees charged to tenants is calculated from how many people will attend the event. The costs that you have to pay to rent a place at this hotel start from IDR 950,000 per person for a half-day event, and IDR 1.1 million per person for an event that lasts a full day.

It should also be noted that the hotel sets a minimum number of guests present as a rental condition. The minimum number of guests you must invite is 10 people.

So in a way, the cheapest rate for renting a meeting room at this hotel is IDR 9.5 million and that doesn’t include taxes.

If married, a minimum of IDR 100 million

As is known, artist Raffi Ahmad chose this hotel as the venue for his wedding with Nagita Slavina in 2014.

Similar to renting for company or corporate activities, this hotel also provides rental packages for wedding receptions. Ritz Carlton sets a minimum rental fee of IDR 100 million for Mutiara Ballroom, while for The Grand Ballroom Magic Moment, the rental rate can reach IDR 800 million.

Just for information, that price is valid until December 2023, and does not include service fees and taxes.

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source: www.cnbcindonesia.com

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