Going Homecoming Using a Rented Car, Is It Really More Economical and Profitable?

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Not only by private car, you can also go back to your hometown by rented car. But, isn’t it going to be more expensive if you rent?

There are several expenses that you must anticipate when going home by road by car. Expenses in question are the cost of servicing cars, tolls, fuel, consumption, and insurance.

If your choice is to rent a car, a new component will appear, namely car rental.

Although there is an additional expense, there is also a financial benefit behind this. Here is the explanation.

1. Private cars are protected from the risk of being damaged

Even if you are the type of driver who often drives safely at all times, when the car is used for commuting, the risk of an accident is still there. When that happens, of course you will pay a lot of repair costs.

Let’s assume you have insurance, still an accident will make the car’s condition no longer prime.

Going home using a rental car does not mean you are free from the risk of an accident. But at least the accident won’t happen to your personal car. The condition of the car remains prime, and the selling price of your private car can also last stably later.

2. Your personal car kilometers will not increase

By using a rental car for Eid homecoming, the kilometers of cars parked at home will not increase. This of course greatly affects the selling price and service time.

But since you leave the car, make sure the security of your house is well maintained. The potential for theft still exists, therefore protect your personal car with appropriate insurance, at least total lost only (TLO) insurance.

This is because insurance can protect your car from financial risks related to severe damage or theft.

3. Can choose the right car for long trips

Rental certainly provides various types of cars. There is city ​​car, multi-purpose vehicle or MPV, sport utility vehicle or SUV to cheap environmentally friendly cars.

If indeed your personal car is not feasible and comfortable for long trips, car rental might be the solution.

If you carry a lot of passengers and are going to hit rough terrain, then it’s a good idea to choose an MPV or SUV. But if the distance is not too far, you are free to choose a car according to comfort.

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