Giving Car Gifts to Children Who are Studying, Yes or No?

Jakarta, – For those who have extra fortune, giving children who are still in college gifts in the form of four-wheeled vehicles is certainly not a problem. However, is this a wise decision?

It is undeniable that with a car, the mobility of the child can be greatly assisted.

However, owning a car must be accompanied by a sense of responsibility because this one asset is not cheap, its use must also comply with applicable regulations.

If you do have plans to buy a car for your beloved child to help with his mobility, know the following things.

Make sure the child already has a SIM

A driving license (SIM) must be owned by your child first. Letting a child drive without a license is of course the same as violating Article 281 Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation.

As a parent, you also have to understand how your child’s behavior when driving. Make sure that your child always obeys traffic signs, is not reckless on the road, or is used to driving at high speeds outside of recommendations.

Losses from accidents involving traffic violations themselves, of course, are difficult to cover by insurance.

Give a car on an as needed basis

Give the child a car if you see it as a need that must be met, not just a wish for the child.

Don’t forget to tell your child that the existence of a car is to help with mobility, not for style, or flexing in front of their less fortunate friends.

Teach them to be grateful for what they have and ask to be more responsible for the assets you give them.

According to the budget, if possible, you don’t need credit

There is no need to meet the demands of children who want a car of a certain brand and type, if the car is beyond your means. Considering that this car is a “gift,” you are entitled to determine the brand, series or specifications.

Give understanding that, this prize car will function as a means of facilitating everyday transportation. By having a private car, safety on the road will also be guaranteed.

It doesn’t matter to choose a car with an engine capacity that is not too large for the sake of economical fuel consumption.

And if you understand the ins and outs of a car, you don’t need to hesitate to give it a used car as long as it is in good condition and the documents are complete, because by buying a used car, you can save on the annual tax expense of the car.

It is also important to note that, there is no need to buy it on credit to avoid interest charges. Do financial planning from an early age to buy a car, determine the time, price, and use investment instruments to raise funds.

Don’t cash out your long-term investment to buy a car

Has it crossed your mind to make a long-term investment for a gift for your child? Don’t do it, or you will regret it later.

Disbursing long-term investment funds prematurely will only hinder the realization of these financial goals.

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