Get to know the Black Card from Prudential, what are the benefits?

Jakarta, – Social media been a lot about cases of abuse, where the victim ended up in the ICU with fantastic treatment costs. However, it turned out that all of these costs had been guaranteed, because the victim had protected himself with a Black Card from Prudential Indonesia.

Reporting from Prudential’s official website, the Black Card is one of the facilities provided to users of the PRUPrime Healthcare Plus and PRUSolusi Sehat products. The card can help with fantastic value healthcare up to a limit of IDR 65 billion per year.

From the information listed, one of the benefits of this product is the annual benefit limit which reaches IDR 65 billion to IDR 70 billion, according to the product and plan chosen. The benefits are paid according to the provisions of the policy owned and the customer must know what is covered and the exceptions.

In addition, Prudential Indonesia also explained these two products are comprehensive and flexible health protection solutions. Starting from determining the area of ​​protection throughout the world including the United States (depending on the chosen plan), room choices, to determining the coverage period of up to 99 years.

“Insurance is a financial instrument designed to maintain the financial security of its customers from the consequences of health risks to life risks that can occur at any time. Learning from this situation, it is increasingly clear that the main role of insurance is to provide protection benefits so that the financial security of its customers is maintained,” wrote Prudential Indonesia, quoted on Monday (17/4/2023).

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