Get THR, this is the ideal amount to share with those closest to you

Jakarta, – Even though they get holiday allowance money (THR) from the workplace, some people certainly won’t spend that money on themselves. Not a few also end up dividing the THR money among those closest to them.

It’s no secret that there is happiness behind sharing with those closest to us, be it parents, siblings, nephews, and so on.

But without vigilance, this activity could add to unexpected expenses so that our THR just runs out without realizing it.

So what is the solution to this one activity? Here’s the review.

Create a “social” spending post right now

The contents of spending on social activities are indeed quite diverse, ranging from distributing THR to relatives, sending hampers, distributing groceries, and so on.

Even though you should ideally arrange these expenses in such a way a year before the month of Ramadan arrives, if you haven’t prepared for them, then it’s never too late to do so before your THR is disbursed.

Just allocate a maximum of 15% of the total THR received for this social expenditure.

Don’t overdo it because you definitely have other priorities to pay for. Call it like debt installments if any, savings, investments for the long term, or other expenses related to short term needs.

Don’t be “uncomfortable” in matters of distributing THR

Give THR to the closest person according to your ability, and don’t feel “bad” if indeed you can’t give money with a certain nominal value that you think is big enough.

Sometimes it may occur to you that if you give THR money to your nephew, then your nephew can tell his parents about the amount of money received from you. There may be some embarrassment or prestige if you only give a small amount of money.

Know that the reason for giving THR is to share happiness, and there is no compulsion for you to do this.

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