Garuda Distributes Ticket Discounts of up to 80 Percent on 22-28 May 2023


PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk offers discounted airline tickets domestic and international flights up to 80 percent. This promo is valid from 22-28 May 2023.

Garuda Indonesia Main Director Irfan Setiaputra said this discount was a form of cooperation with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk alias BNI. Irfan said the promo was given for orders on line in the 2023 Garuda Indonesia Online Travel Fair (GOTF).

“The implementation of GOTF, which we consistently carry out, is our effort to bring added value to the community through easy accessibility to get flight tickets for full service flights to various dream destinations at competitive prices,” said Irfan in an official statement, Monday (15/5). ).

In addition, Irfan claims that this discount is given to optimize the growth of passenger traffic for this state-owned airline. According to him, this is necessary to accelerate the growth of the tourism sector, especially ahead of school holidays.

Irfan detailed that discounts of up to 80 percent are available for various flight routes, such as Jakarta-Labuan Bajo PP to Jakarta-Surabaya PP. There are also international routes, for example Jakarta-Singapore PP to Jakarta-Amsterdam PP.

In addition to discounts of up to 80 percent, Irfan said there were additional discounts of up to IDR 1.57 million for BNI credit and debit card users. This was agreed by BNI Retail Banking Director Putrama Wahju Setyawan.

Putrama said that BNI was optimistic that the tourism industry would recover, marked by the growth in travel-related transactions in the first quarter of 2023 which reached 77 percent year on year (yoy). According to him, flight traffic is one of the supports for this recovery.

“This is supported by increased travel both domestically and internationally, opening borders to other countries, easing flight requirements, and of course this time is the right moment because it is close to the school holiday period in mid-2023,” he explained.

The following is a list of Garuda Indonesia ticket prices offered in the GOTF 2023 discount program:

1. Domestic routes

Jakarta-Labuan Bajo PP starts from IDR 2.1 million

Jakarta-Denpasar PP starts from IDR 1.7 million

Jakarta-Yogyakarta PP starts from IDR 1.1 million

Jakarta-Sorong PP starts from IDR 3.3 million

Jakarta-Surabaya PP starts from IDR 1.4 million

Jakarta-Padang PP starts from IDR 1.7 million

Jakarta-Makassar PP starts from IDR 2.1 million

Jakarta-Medan PP starts from IDR 2.1 million

Jakarta-Manado PP starts from IDR 2.6 million

Jakarta-Lombok PP starts from IDR 1.6 million

2. International routes

Jakarta-Singapore PP starting from IDR 2.5 million

Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur PP starts from IDR 2.3 million

Jakarta-Bangkok PP starts from IDR 3.4 million

Jakarta-Tokyo PP starts from IDR 7.9 million

Jakarta-Seoul PP starts from IDR 4.7 million

Jakarta-Sydney PP starts from IDR 5.8 million

Jakarta-Melbourne PP starting from IDR 5.6 million

Jakarta-Amsterdam PP starts from IDR 13.3 million

Jakarta-Hong Kong PP starts from IDR 3.8 million

Jakarta-Shanghai PP starts from IDR 3.7 million

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[Gambas:Video CNN]


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