Ganjar, Prabowo, Anies! Who’s Assets Easily Childbearing?

Jakarta, – The three Presidential Candidates (Capres) for the 2024 Presidential Election, namely, Ganjar Pranowo, Anies Rasyid Baswedan, and Prabowo Subianto have assets of over Rp. 10 billion, one of which even reaches Rp. 2 trillion. But who has the most investment assets?

In financial planning, investment assets are defined as assets whose value will continue to grow over time.

In addition, investment assets can also generate passive income for their owners.

Both of the above certainly contribute to increasing the wealth of the owner of the asset in the future.

What are the assets in question, if not property (land and buildings), securities (securities on the stock exchange and company ownership), then what about other movable assets?

According to information on the e-lhkpn website, assets that are classified as other movable property in the State Administration Wealth Report (LHKPN), are household furniture, electronic goods, jewelry and metals or precious stones.

Also art, antiques, collections, supplies (trade goods, semi-finished, farm animals), to other hobby and consumptive goods.

It can be said that not all items classified as other movable assets are investment assets.

Likewise with cash or cash equivalents because this one asset is a current asset, the goal of which is prioritized for short-term needs.

Based on the information in the latest LHKPN, Ganjar Pranowo owns property assets with a value of Rp 2.6 billion without any securities.

With a total wealth of IDR 11.7 billion, Ganjar’s total investment assets are equivalent to 22.2% of total wealth.

Meanwhile, Anies Baswedan pocketed property assets and securities totaling IDR 14.7 billion.

With a total wealth of IDR 10.9 billion, Anies’ total investment assets seem to exceed his total wealth, but this all happened because of a debt of IDR 7.6 billion owned by Anies.

Prabowo Subianto has the largest wealth of IDR 2 trillion with total property assets and securities worth IDR 1.97 trillion or the equivalent of 98% of his total wealth.

What is the ideal investment asset in financial planning

As explained above, the more investment assets, the greater one’s ability to multiply wealth in the future.

It is highly recommended for someone to have investment assets with a value of more than 50% of their total net worth.

But also know that current assets also have a fairly important position in financial planning. Because in current assets, there is also a component in the form of emergency fund savings.

Purchasing investment assets should also be done when someone already has current assets within ideal limits, as well as adequate financial protection in the form of health insurance.

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