Fried Shares of Virgoun’s Wife, Can Be a Gono-Gini Treasure?

Jakarta, – The news about Inara Rusli buying shares immediately went viral after her mother-in-law called Inara’s actions like gambling. One thing that is becoming a question is, will the shares bought by Inara become a treasure like this?

As is known, in the screenshot on the Instagram Story account @mommy_starla, Inara posted profits in shares of various issuers cultivating broiler PT Dewi Shri Farmindo Tbk (DEWI) and PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk (GOTO) in the October 2022 period.

In addition, Inara was also recorded to have experienced floating losses in other small capitalization stocks such as PT Indo Pureco Pratama Tbk (IPPE). The unrealized loss is very large in IPPE up to 65.15%.

In talks on secondVirgoun’s lawyer, Wijayono Hadisukrisno, has said that in his divorce suit, Virgoun does not make a problem of extramarital possessions.

Apart from the absence of claims for mutual assets, the shares purchased by Inara could have the status of joint property if the two couples did not have a prenuptial agreement and the purchase of shares was made by Inara after they established a household from their earnings.

Article 119 of the Civil Code states, “since the marriage took place, according to law there is a total shared property between husband and wife, insofar as there are no other provisions in the marriage agreement.

The joint property, as long as the marriage is running, may not be abolished or changed by an agreement between the husband and wife.

Dividing the assets in the form of shares

In order for the distribution process to run quickly, the shares that have been purchased can be sold and after that, the sales proceeds are divided in half with the partner.

Even though this mechanism is fairly fast, there will be potential for selling and losing.

To avoid the risk of selling at a loss, one party can also create a stock account and later the shares in the account of one partner are transferred according to their portion.


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