Forget Grandma Slamet! This is the Right Way to ‘Double’ Money

Jakarta, – The murder case with the ritual mode of doubling money in Banjarnegara is now viral in the media. After an investigation took place, it turned out that the perpetrator named Slamet Tohari had committed heinous acts against 10 victims starting in 2020.

As reported second, a figure who is often called Mbah Slamet was once known as a good citizen and never made any trouble at all. One resident knows Slamet as a “smart person” alias a shaman.

It is said that during the 10 years of practice, Mbah Slamet was able to help his clients double their money. However, after a complaint was made to the local police, mbah Slamet was finally arrested and the police found a lot of evidence that was quite gruesome.

Through social media Facebook, Mbah Slamet promotes this money doubling service in order to find new victims.

Slamet’s victims were poisoned to death while performing a ritual with a drink containing potassium and sedatives, and after conducting an investigation the police found 10 human skeletons found at the location.

Based on data from the 2022 National Financial Literacy Survey, which was conducted by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the national financial literacy rate in 2022 will reach 49.68%.

Meanwhile, if you look at the level of inclusion, there is a fairly high gap of 38.16% in 2019 and 35.42% in 2022.

When viewed based on regional data, the value of financial literacy in rural areas is 48.43% while in urban areas it is 50.52%.

The high gap between literacy and inclusion indicates that there are still many people who already use financial products or services, but do not have a good understanding.

The lack of financial literacy is also a driving force for someone to be easily persuaded by the lure of doubling money.

Instead of believing in a shaman that ends in death, here’s a legal and correct way to double money in the future.

Gold investment

Gold is a relatively simple investment instrument and is still popular today. In the last five years, the profit you can get from investing in gold can reach a CAGR of 7.1% per year.

And as you know, gold can’t only be bought in the form of bars because now there is digital gold that you can try.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are a container used to collect investor funds which will later be reinvested into a number of securities portfolios by the investment manager.

If you are a conservative investor who tends to avoid risk, money market and fixed income mutual funds are the solution.

Meanwhile, if you want a higher rate of return for long-term investments then mixed mutual funds, stock indexes and stocks are the right fit for you.


If you want a passive income that is routinely received every year in a larger amount than deposits, then bonds or debentures are the solution.

When viewed from the issuer, bonds have two types, namely government bonds and corporate bonds.

Government bonds are one of the safest investments in the capital market. This is because the capital and yield coupons you receive will be guaranteed by the state.

Meanwhile, if you want higher returns, corporate bonds are the choice.


Even though it has a high risk, stock is an instrument that has a high rate of return as well. For beginners, it’s a good idea to choose large company stocks that have good performance in the future.

These giant company shares are often referred to as shares bluechips.

In addition to profits in the form of capital gains, stock investors can also benefit in the form of passive income, namely dividends. Dividends are the net profit sharing that the company gets to its shareholders.

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