Fasting Can Be The First Step To Riches, See How!

Jakarta, – One thing that employees who practice fasting must know is that there is a great opportunity to save money and invest. This is due to the absence of lunch activities that incur costs.

Apart from not having lunch, there is also no snack or drink activity during the afternoon or evening. Not just saving, expenses for eating or snacking can actually be used again to invest either on a daily or weekly basis.

Don’t get me wrong, just because you save a meager expense, you can make your assets grow in the future.

If you are still unsure, here is an investment simulation by allocating your daily snack and meal expenses.

Evaluation of spending on snacks and meals a day

Table: CNBC Research Team

Spending IDR 60 thousand a day for food and snacks at the office is very possible. And it is also possible that these expenses will still exist because you use your money to buy food when breaking the fast later.

If in one day expenses reach IDR 60,000, then in a week spending on snacks and meals at the office can reach IDR 300,000. If calculated on a monthly basis, then you have spent Rp. 1.2 million on this one thing.

Money of IDR 1.2 million is not a small amount of money to be used for investing on a regular basis. You can buy investment assets, say mutual funds, on a regular basis per month and the profits you can get will be quite significant.

Regular entry into money market mutual funds

If you regularly invest these funds in a money market mutual fund, which, say, has a yield of 4% from now until the next five years, then you will not realize that you will have mutual fund assets worth IDR 200 million. Here’s the simulation.

Table: CNBC Research Team

In the fifth year, you can do profit taking by selling your mutual funds and get IDR 285 million. You can also use the money for a number of other needs, for example, to pay for your child’s school fees, pay a down payment or make the first mortgage payment, buy a car, and so on.

However, it should be remembered that mutual fund returns cannot be guaranteed and will fluctuate. However, considering that 100% of money market mutual fund assets are money market assets, fluctuations in value are low.

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