Fantastic! These Mutual Funds Make Investor Wallets Thicker

Jakarta, – Investment is a tool to fight inflation. But more than that, they have a noble goal, which is to make a profit and maintain financial goals for the future.

One of the most popular investments in Indonesia is mutual funds. According to data from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI), as of April 2023 the number of Indonesian mutual fund investors was 10.17 million.

This number has grown three times compared to the number of investors in 2020, namely 3.17 million investors.

Mutual funds are loved because they have several product choices that can suit various risk profiles from moderate to aggressive.

One of the mutual fund products that investors are interested in is equity funds. According to data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), according to the composition of mutual funds per type of April 2023 equity funds amounted to 21.12% with a net asset value of IDR 105.67 trillion.

It’s only natural that equity funds are loved by investors, apart from being managed by an investment manager who is an expert in the field of investment, mutual funds also provide a high level of investment. returns which promises to even reach hundreds of percent according to historical data

Based on data from Edvisor, here is a list of mutual funds with the highest performance in the past three years.


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