Expensive Expenses for Birth, Artists Have Difficulty Paying!

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – Comedian Marshel Widianto has finally come clean about his unfavorable financial condition. This also made Raffi Ahmad pay for the birth of Marshel and Yansen Indiani’s (Cesen) first child.

According to news Insertlive, Marshel said that the delivery of her child took place when she had just run out of money to pay off her house. Meanwhile, Marshall is also lacking in job offers.

Luckily, Raffi Ahmad appeared and helped Marshel by paying for the delivery costs. Raff also said that he did this as a gift for Marshall.

As is known, paying off debt is important but allowing yourself to lose large amounts of savings is not a wise thing to do.

So that you don’t experience something like Marshel, do the following things.

Don’t let your emergency fund run out

An emergency fund is actually savings that you prepare to anticipate unexpected expenses, for example, expenses related to childbirth.

The ideal amount for an emergency fund is of course determined by the amount of expenses and risks of your profession. If you are an employee who has dependents, at least you have an emergency fund savings equal to at least six times your monthly expenses.

But if you have a profession like Marshel whose income is not fixed, it’s a good idea to provide an emergency fund equal to one year of expenses.

Don’t use the emergency fund for things that aren’t urgent, and if the emergency fund is used, you should return the amount to the ideal amount.

Make anticipation to deal with labor costs in advance

What happens if you have found a maternity hospital with a good selection of doctors, but that hospital does not accept BPJS Health patients, and you also do not have health insurance to cover the costs of delivery?

Of course you have to pay for the birthing costs with your own money.

There is nothing wrong with collecting money in advance to anticipate this. It could be a year before, or when you decide to get pregnant.

Let’s say you just got married and you plan to have a baby next year. Then there are 12 months to raise funds for the cost of the birth of your baby.

The first step you take is to survey the costs of giving birth at the hospital you are going to. Let’s say hospital A offers a package for delivery costs in a VIP room worth Rp. 30 million, and you are interested in this offer.

So that means, you have 12 months to collect Rp. 30 million.

To speed up this fundraising process, you can choose money market mutual funds as a financial instrument to save on maternity costs. Let’s just say that the money market mutual funds that you buy can generate a constant profit of 4% per year, so with a capital of IDR 2.4 million per month you can earn IDR 30 million in a year, or even more.

Here is the simulation.

Investment in Money Market Mutual Funds for Expenses

Table: CNBC Research Team

Why go to money market mutual funds?

The shorter the investment period, the more advisable it is for you to choose instruments that are liquid and low in volatility.

The reason for choosing a money market mutual fund is because 100% of the contents of this mutual fund portfolio are money market instruments such as time deposits, as well as short-term debentures with maturities of no more than one year.

This makes money market mutual fund fluctuations low, and makes these mutual funds the least risky mutual funds.

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