Expand Access to Bank DKI Digital Funding Collaboration with Digiasia

Armfalcon.com, JAKARTA — Bank DKI continues to expand access to digital funding. Most recently, Bank DKI cooperates with Digiasia Bios (Digiasia), a company Embedded Fintech-as-a-Service (EfaaS), with a cooperation scheme in providing credit financing for the supply chain (supply chain financing).

Bank DKI acts as an institutional lender, while an affiliate from Digiasia acts as peer to peer lending platforms, as well as utilization of other products and services. The collaboration ceremony was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding conducted by Bank DKI Director of Technology and Operations, Amirul Wicaksono and Digiasia Bios Co-Founder, Alexander Rusli in Jakarta on Thursday (11/5/2023).

Director of Technology and Operations of Bank DKI, Amirul Wicaksono, expressed his appreciation for the cooperation. “Bank DKI’s move to establish partners with Digiasia was built with optimism to provide added value to products and services and to be a solution to the needs of both parties’ customers,” said Amirul.

Separately, through a written statement, the Main Director of Bank DKI, Fidri Arnaldy, said that cooperation with Digiasia provided an opportunity for Bank DKI to actively participate in credit growth. business to business (B2B) ecosystem-based.

“So far there is an anomaly perception of the relationship between banks and fintech which seems contradictory, even though the synergy that exists between Bank DKI and Digiasia is actually believed to strengthen the business fields of each entity and build a healthier and more inclusive macro-financial ecosystem,” said Fidri.

Fidri further added that Bank DKI is always open to various opportunities to synergize with various entities as an effort to expand public financial access, increase the competitiveness of products and services, and increase the contribution of Bank DKI not only within the scope of DKI Jakarta but on a national scale in order to achieve the Vision of Indonesia. Gold 2045.

In line with that, the Co-Founder of Digiasia Bios, Alexander Rusli expressed his respect and enthusiasm for being entrusted with forming a strategic partnership with Bank DKI. “We really believe this collaboration will have a positive impact and benefits for both parties. We understand that every business and society has different needs. Through the fintech products and services we provide, we are here to help and support the financial transformation of our partner companies and customers,” said Alex.

For information, Digiasia is a company Embedded Fintech-as-a-Service (EfaaS) the first in Indonesia to have four superior products and services, namely KasPro (digital payments), CreditPro (P2P lending), RemitPro (remittances/delivery money) and DigiBos (digital financial services/LKD). All products and services operated have permits, licenses and are fully certified from Bank Indonesia (BI), the Financial Services Authority (OJK), including ISO27001 certification, QRC Solution, PCI DSS certification, Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK), Association Indonesian Money Transfer Operators (APPUI), and the Indonesian Joint Funding Fintech Association (AFPI).

Bank DKI Corporate Secretary, Arie Rinaldi added, this synergy is a very good opportunity to utilize products and services for each party and expand banking access to the community of business actors who need financial support.

Actively synergize to expand digital services

Under the leadership of the Main Director of Bank DKI, Fidri Arnaldy, Bank DKI continues to strive to provide qualified digital services through various synergies, including the development of collaborative services crossborder for payments abroad, use of technology cloud computing to strengthen digital banking services and ecosystems.

Finally, Bank DKI has successfully collaborated with Bank BCA and the PRIMA network to utilize cardless cash deposit and withdrawal services at the BCA ATM network, Bank BNI ATM, and CIMB Niaga with the PRIMA network logo spread throughout the archipelago.

In closing, Arie said that along with the implementation of the transformation carried out by the Company, Bank DKI also continues to present digital banking service innovations through the development of various digital applications, such as the JakOne Mobile super apps, the JakOne Pay simple apps, as well as JakOne Abank and other services such asi Cash Management System, as well as applications for credit applications and online financing on line through e-forms KMG and application development digital lending.

In terms of non-cash transaction services using cards, Bank DKI continues to expand the acceptance of JakCard which functions as an electronic money card in various modes of DKI Jakarta transportation, entry tickets for a number of museums, to transactions in various merchants in collaboration with Bank DKI.

source: ekonomi.republika.co.id

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