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Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – When you decide to separate from your current office, a letter of resignation or resignation letter is one of the important things that need to be prepared. The letter is addressed to your boss and HRD as a notification as well as a sign that you want to leave your job.

There are many factors that encourage someone to decide to resign from their current job. It could be because you got a better offer at another company, felt that you were getting a toxic work environment, didn’t match your passion, didn’t develop, or because the office location was too far away. Whatever the reason, you need to make a resignation letter.

An employee who resigns means terminating or terminating the employment relationship with the related company. That way, the rights and obligations will end. Because it involves the mobility of the company, usually this resignation letter must be submitted before the resignation which is usually one month before leaving work, aka one month notice.

The resignation letter has an administrative function to notify superiors and HRD that you have decided to stop working for the company.

When a resignation letter is given to a superior or HRD, the letter becomes a notification that the company must immediately find a replacement. Because companies need time to find replacement employees, a resignation letter cannot be submitted suddenly. This is also important so that your relationship with the company is maintained well even if you are not together anymore.

A letter of resignation or resignation needs to be made properly and politely. This is important to show that you are a worker with high professionalism. Apart from creating a positive image at your old workplace, this is also an attitude you need to have before joining a new company.

Prepare this before making a resignation letter:

1. Write a Resignation Letter

Don’t forget to leave a good impression on the company. The trick, you can write a good and polite resignation letter. So, use the right choice of words in writing a resignation letter before submitting it to your boss and HRD.

2. Find the Right Time to Meet Your Boss

Discuss your intention to resign properly with your boss. It’s not easy, but you can work around this by finding the right time to meet your boss. Try to find a time when your boss is not busy, when he is in a good mood or emotion, or doesn’t have an appointment with someone.

Another way you can do this is to make an appointment in advance via email or telephone. When the time is right, you can reveal the reason for the resignation to your boss.

3. Take out a One Month Notice

This one month notice is needed by old companies to find and get new employees so that the position you left is not vacant. That way, the mobility of the company can still be maintained.

The application for resignation has been regulated by the government through a law. This regulation is contained in the Law Article 26 paragraph 2 of the Decree of the Minister of Manpower regarding the conditions for resigning from the workplace which reads:

“Workers or laborers submit a written application for resignation accompanied by reasons no later than 30 (thirty) days before the start date of resignation:

Workers or laborers continue to carry out their obligations until the starting date of resignation

Workers or laborers are not bound by official ties”

Referring to government regulations, you should follow the one month notice rule before resigning from the old company.

4. Check the Contract

Before resigning, check the contract that you signed first at the beginning of the work period. This is useful to see if there are any penalties to be paid if you leave before the contract expires.

The consequences that you will get when you resign before the contract expires are usually in the form of a replacement salary within a certain period or the equivalent of a salary in the remaining contract period.

5. Check the Resignation Policy

Each company has a different resignation policy, including the time of resignation. There are also those who have a rule of two months’ notice before resigning. As much as possible, provide information as far in advance as possible before resigning from your place of work.

6. Delegate Work

If you already know who will replace your position later, take the time to help that person learn the job description that will be done. This will obviously facilitate the transition process.

If you can’t provide guidance right away, try to create a workflow guide to a contact who can be contacted when they have questions. It’s not a must, but it will leave a good and professional impression on your work partners.

Types of Resignation Letters

1. One Month Notice

Resignation letters generally refer to the one month notice system, which is one month’s notice before you officially resign from the company. Notification with this system means giving the company time to find a replacement for you. One month notice is a standard system or time of resignation in many companies.

2. Two Weeks Notice

Apart from the one month notice, there is also a two week notice. As the name implies, two weeks notice is two weeks notice before you officially resign from the company.

This notification seems more sudden than a one month notice. If you really want to resign, you must have clear and logical reasons to submit to the company where you currently work.

Watch This Before Resigning

Things To Do:

  • Keep in touch with work partners from old companies
  • Keep working professionally until your last day working at the old company
  • Delete personal files on devices used at work
  • Bringing personal items from old work.

Things Not To Do:

  • Don’t talk negative things about your boss
  • Your resignation plan must be known in advance by your boss. Don’t let your boss know from other people about the resignation you want to submit
  • Not doing negative things until the last day working at the old company.

Format and Content of Resignation Letter

  • City name and date
  • Company name and company address
  • Greetings
  • Reasons why you want to resign
  • Include the date when you last worked
  • Say sorry and thank you
  • Closing greetings and signatures.

Sample Resignation Letter

1. Example of a simple resignation letter

Jakarta, 29 August 2022


Head of HRD (Your company) / (name of your direct supervisor and title)

at (Your Company Location)

Yours faithfully,

Through this written letter, I on behalf of (Your name) intend to submit an application for resignation from the position (insert your position) at (insert company name).

I submitted my resignation because I wanted to run my own business. Through this letter, I also want to inform you that my last day of work is (insert date) date.

I thank you for the job opportunity that has been given to me for these 5 years. I apologize if during my work I made many mistakes that might harm the company.

Thus I wrote this letter without any coercion from other people, I hope it can be accepted by you. Hopefully (Your company) will continue to grow and advance.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name)

2. Sample of Official Resignation Letter

Jakarta, 29 August 2022


HRD (Your company) / (name of your direct supervisor and title)

at (Company Location)

Yours faithfully,

The undersigned below,

Name: Your name

Department: Your department

Title: Your title

Employee Identification Number: Your NIK

want to submit a resignation from work on the grounds of getting a new job offer at another company. Through this letter, I also want to inform you that my last day of work is (insert date) date.

This letter is made based on the terms and employment contract written in the letter of mutual agreement between the employee and the company. This letter was also made based on the employment law and in accordance with industrial relations procedures (your company) without any tendencies hidden in it.

Thus I wrote this letter without any coercion from other people. Hopefully it can be accepted by Mr. / Ms.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name)

3. Sample Professional Resignation Letter

Jakarta, 29 August 2022

Dear, HRD / (name of your immediate supervisor and title)

PT (Your Company)

in place

Yours faithfully,

I, the undersigned below,

Name: Your name

Place, date of birth: Place, Date of Birth

Address : Your full address

Department : Your department

Intend to submit an application to resign from PT (Your Company), due to personal problems that cannot be explained. However, I thank you because while I was working at PT (Your Company), I received a lot of knowledge and work experience. So I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of my co-workers.

That’s my resignation letter. I also don’t forget to apologize profusely for the mistakes I made.

Yours faithfully,

(Your name)

4. Sample English Resignation Letter

August 29th, 2022

Dear (boss name)

Please accept this letter as a formal notification of my intention to resign from my position as [jabatan] in [nama perusahaan]. My final day will be [date of last day] as per my notice period.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to have worked in the position for the past [time in employment]. I have learned a great deal during my time here and have enjoyed collaborating with my colleagues. I will take a lot of what I have learned with me in my career and look back at my time here as a valuable period of my professional life.

During the next [notice period in weeks], I will do what I can to make the transition as smooth as possible and will support in whatever way I can to hand over my duties to colleagues or to my replacement. Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist in this process.


[Your Name]

That is a complete explanation of the resignation letter or employee resignation letter. There are several important things that you need to pay attention to before writing a resignation letter. Don’t forget to convey the resignation letter to your boss and HRD at the old company. You can follow the sample resignation letter above. Hope it is useful!

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