Error Since Monday, BSI President Director Apologizes and Guarantees Safe Customer Funds


PT Bank Syariah Indonesia Tbk (BSI) apologize for the interruption of banking services in ATM nor mobile banking (m-banking) which until now has not fully recovered. The disturbance has been going on since last Monday (8/5).

BSI President Director Hery Gunardi said that his party was carrying out the normalization process, with the main focus on keeping customer funds and data safe.

“On behalf of Bank Syariah Indonesia, we apologize for the inconvenience to customers due to problems accessing BSI services on May 8, 2023. We have carried out the normalization process for Bank Syariah Indonesia services, with the main priority to ensure that customer funds and data remain safe at Bank Syariah Indonesia,” he said in an official statement, Wednesday (10/5).

Hery said BSI had succeeded in normalizing services on the ATM network and branch offices on Tuesday (9/5). On that day, customers were able to make transactions at the BSI branch network and ATMs throughout Indonesia. Gradually, BSI Mobile services can also be accessed by customers with basic features.

Then on Wednesday (10/5), BSI monitored and normalized the transaction process which resulted in temporary inaccessibility of BSI services, namely services at branches, access to BSI Mobile, and ATMs. Hery said BSI will continue to provide the latest information so that customers can transact normally.

As for the attack cyberhe continued, basically BSI will conduct an investigation on this matter.

“This needs further proof through audits and digital forensics. We continue to coordinate with various parties, both regulators and the government,” said Hery.

The BSI banking service has had an error since last Monday (8/5). A number of customers also complained that they could not access mobile banking applications or ATMs.

BSI argued that the incident occurred because BSI was carrying out system maintenance. As a result of this process, the system cannot be accessed temporarily. Even so, BSI Corporate Secretary Gunawan Arief Hartoyo claims ATM and branch office services have returned to normal gradually as of Monday afternoon.

“Thank God, currently around 1,200 BSI ATM units have recovered and gradually BSI offices have resumed operations. We will continue to monitor developments on an ongoing basis,” he said.

He also apologized for the difficulties and inconveniences experienced by BSI customers in connection with the ongoing system maintenance process.

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