Erick Thohir Will Cut SOE Work from 9 to 4 Only


Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir plans to cut numbers BUMN Karya from 9 companies to 4 only.

The cuts are in line with the discourse on consolidating state-owned companies in the infrastructure sector according to the Blue Book compiled by the Ministry of BUMN two years ago.

“We already reviews, preferably (BUMN) this work from 9 to 4. So BUMN (works) should have 4, yes expertise here, there is a building, so not all Palugada. SI already have the book,” said Erick in his office, Wednesday (3/5).

“For Karya, later we want to try to consolidate HK (Hutama Karya) with Waskita, if I’m not mistaken. Then PP (PT PP) with WIKA (PT Wijaya Karya) so that the financial consolidation, the book is healthier, ADHI (PT Adhi Karya) also has “More details later,” he added.

According to him, the consolidation of BUMN Karta will make the company more focused on carrying out assignments and business according to their respective areas of expertise.

However, Erick hopes that the consolidation of BUMN Karya will not hamper development projects, especially companies that are participating in various tenders.

“Don’t let a merger, this consolidation hinder development. They are in tandem, suddenly consolidated, changing contracts. So this is what we are guarding against. That’s why there will be a merger, there is an ownership system,” he said.

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