Employees Get THR, Freelance Can Too! Here’s how

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com – An employee will certainly get a holiday allowance (THR) regardless of how long he has worked at the company concerned.

But what’s up with freelancers or part-time workers? Is it a sign that they have absolutely no opportunity to enjoy what employees feel?

Freelancers can actually create their own THR from the investment results that they routinely make every month.

But of course, they must first determine how much they want to get as THR in the next year, and how much savings they can do regularly.

For example, a freelancer wants an THR of IDR 10 million in 2024, so every month he has to set aside IDR 909 thousand for a separate savings account or money market mutual fund from each liquid invoice.

If in a month there is no disbursement of invoices, then he can also set aside these funds in the following month with a larger amount into investment instruments intended for THR.

But know that before starting to invest, freelancers must prepare the following things.

Emergency fund 12 times monthly expenses

Freelancer income is not fixed like office employees. There are times when their income is higher than the average, and vice versa. That’s why, the emergency fund they have to provide is 12 times the monthly expenditure or the equivalent of one year’s expenditure.

It is very important to know the average monthly expenses. Because that’s where freelancers can find out the ideal emergency fund size.

If in a month the freelancer’s average expenditure is IDR 8 million, then the ideal emergency fund for him is IDR 8 million x 12 months = IDR 96 million.

At least have BPJS Kesehatan

It would be nice if the freelancer had private health insurance that could cover hospitalization. However, if insurance premiums are deemed too expensive, then at least he must continue to pay BPJS Health contributions.

BPJS Health is health insurance provided by the government. Even though there is a tiered referral system that must be done, know that with BPJS you can save your savings.

Know your investment goals

It’s not wrong to mention next year’s THR as one of your investment goals. Because you want THR, you set aside some of your hard-earned money into investment instruments.

Do the same for different financial goals, say, for retirement funds, home buying funds, vacation funds and others.

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