Eid Train Tickets Sold Nearly 2.5 Million, 81 Percent of the Quota

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) has sold nearly 2.5 million for departure during the Eid 2023 transportation period.

Quoting KAI data collected until Friday (21/4) morning at 07.00 WIB, 2,492,562 tickets were sold for long-distance trains or 81 percent of the total provided, namely 3,065,404 tickets.

“This number will still increase because sales are still ongoing,” KAI’s VP Public Relations Joni Martinus said in a written statement.

Joni added that passengers from the west (Jakarta/Bandung) to the east (Central Java/East Java) dominated the period before Eid.

Meanwhile, for the period after Idul Fitri, the trip is dominated by passengers from the East (Central Java/East Java) to the West (Jakarta/Bandung).

Based on the departure date, the favorite trains are ordered and sold out up to 100 percent departing on 18, 19, 20, 23, 24 and 25 April 2023.

Then, the April 15 departure sold 97 percent and April 16 sold 98 percent.

The 10 stations with the most departures of passengers are Pasar Senen, Gambir, Surabaya Pasarturi, Surabaya Gubeng, Bandung, Solo Balapan, Malang, Kiaracondong, Semarang Tawang and Ketapang.

Meanwhile, the 10 destinations with the most passengers were Pasar Senen, Gambir, Surabaya Pasarturi, Surabaya Gubeng, Bandung, Semarang Tawang, Solo Balapan, Malang, Ketapang and Kiaracondong.

Then the 10 travel connections with the most passengers, namely Airlangga Train (Surabaya Pasarturi – Pasar Senen), Airlangga Train (Pasar Senen – Surabaya Pasarturi), Sri Tanjung Train (Lempuyangan – Ketapang), Pasundan Additional Train (Kiaracondong – Surabaya Gubeng), and Sri Train Tanjung (Ketapang – Lempuyangan).

Then, Bengawan train (Pasar Senen – Purwosari), Additional Pasundan train (Surabaya Gubeng – Kiaracondong), Bengawan train (Purwosari – Pasar Senen), Kahuripan train (Kiaracondong – Blitar), and Kahuripan train (Blitar – Kiaracondong).

“If the desired ticket is sold out, customers can choose an alternative date or take advantage of the Connecting Train feature in the KAI Access application which will help provide travel options by combining train schedules that are connecting,” said Joni.


source: www.cnnindonesia.com

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