Effects of US Banking Issues on The Fed, What Has RI Splattered?

Jakarta, Armfalcon.com- Senior Economist, Anny Ratnawati said that the Fed’s high interest rates will definitely have an impact on investment, but this is important to reduce inflation and economic growth. For Indonesia, the hawkish effect of The Fed is still well-maintained, although it must be mitigated by the regulators and the government.

Anny said that US banking issues must be a lesson for Indonesian banks to mitigate the risks of digitalization and global turmoil.

Then how do economists see the “positive” impact of the global banking shock on world markets? For details, see Syarifah Rahma’s dialogue with Senior Economist & Deputy Minister of Finance (2010-2014) Anny Ratnawati at the Power Lunch,CNBCIndonesia (Tuesday, 28/03/2023)

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