Easy Tips to Pay Zakat Online, Fulfill Obligations Without Leaving the House

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Paying zakat is an obligation for every Muslim who is financially able and reaches the minimum limit for paying zakat or nisab. In the pillars of Islam, zakat is the fourth pillar of Islam.

Paying zakat is the same as purifying oneself, as well as a form of caring for fellow Muslims who are less fortunate. In this way, zakat becomes a way to reduce social and economic disparities between rich and poor people in Muslim societies.

In practice, zakat is collected from assets owned by Muslims who meet certain criteria. Then it is given to people in need, such as the poor, orphans, widows, and people who are classified as mustahik (those entitled to receive zakat).

Apart from helping people in need, zakat also aims to clean the assets of those who give zakat from miserliness and greed. Another goal, zakat can also strengthen a sense of solidarity and togetherness among fellow Muslims.

As technology advances, zakat payments are now also easier to do. There are many ways to pay zakat, either manually by coming directly to the Amil Agency or paying online to make it more effective and efficient.

The following are tips for you to make it easier to do good through zakat in the digital era.

1. Intentions

Before issuing zakat, you should return to straighten your intentions. Rearrange your intentions and goals in giving zakat so that in the future this does not become a good habit.

Zakat payments must be made with sincere and true intentions and not mixed with other motives. Because zakat can be a means of helping those in need.

2. Time to Issue Zakat

Zakat consists of two types, namely zakat on assets or zakat mal and zakat to purify the soul or zakat fitrah

Zakat mal can be issued at any time at the right time, while zakat fitrah must be paid before the Eid al-Fitr prayer is held.

“Zakat fitrah means zakat for self and soul, which must be paid throughout Ramadan until the Eid prayer,” said IPB University Sharia Economics observer Irfan Syauqi Beik to Armfalcon.com.com, recently.

3. Pay Zakat Online

To pay zakat, you can submit it to the amil zakat institution. Besides coming directly to pay zakat, now it can also be done online through banking.

One of them is Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). Currently, BRI has provided a donation service with Dompet Dhuafa and the Baitul Mal Foundation (YBM) Brilian.

For those of you who are the #BeraniMuMau type, then immediately become a BRI Britama Savings customer, so that it can be easier to pay zakat.

With BRI BritAma Savings, Muslims can pay zakat fitrah online more easily and practically. Online zakat payments can be made through trusted amil zakat institutions.

How to Tithe Online

Paying zakat today is very easy, you don’t have to come to the baitul mall or zakat service.

For you BRI BritAma Savings customers, paying zakat is now as easy as in the palm of your cell phone. With the BRImo application, you can pay zakat online directly from anywhere.

Through BRImo, customers as well as BRI BritAma Savings now no longer need to be busy looking for time to pay zakat fitrah, malls, and so on.

Moreover, the zakat payment feature at BRImo is also very easy and simple. Here’s how to donate and pay zakat via BRImo:

– First, make sure the customer is already a BRI BritAma Savings customer and downloads the BRImo application
– Then, open the BRImo application that is already installed on the cellphone
– Then, select the ‘More’ feature on the app’s home page
– After that the customer can choose ‘Donate’
– Next, please select a donation product
– Then select the type of donation (Zakat, Infaq or Qurban) and enter the desired nominal
– The next step, make a payment.

By opening a BRI BritAma Savings account through BRImo, customers can pay zakat directly via cellphone quickly and safely.

In addition, customers can also check the history of zakat payments directly in the BRImo application.

The BRImo application can be downloaded from the PlayStore, AppStore or AppGallery. Immediately open a BRI BritAma Savings account through BRImo now and enjoy the convenience of every transaction.


source: www.cnnindonesia.com

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